Win: Tickets to see original X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein’s Lincoln show

Original X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein brings his tour to Lincolnshire next month
Original X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein brings his tour to Lincolnshire next month

The man who was the first ever X-Factor champion, Steve Brookstein, is coming to Lincoln next month as part of his UK tour.

And we have two pairs of tickets to give away for his show at the Terry O’Toole Theatre on 21st November.

Steve shot fame on a memorable night in 2004 when he picked up six million votes during the first X-Factor final to win the inaugural series.

He went on to have a number one album, Heart and Soul, and number one single Against All Odds.

Steve’s musical ambitions only surfaced at the relatively late age of 20.

He became a regular fixture at various clubs and in 1996, he signed to MCA Records.

However, MCA’s subsequent closure meant his first single, although well received pre-release by the likes of Judge Jules among others, never got released.

Steve gave up on his singing career to focus on writing and producing.

He signed two artists to major deals with Columbia in New York and Virgin in London and secured a publishing deal for himself with EMI in New York.

Unfortunately, neither artist released an album and following these setbacks, Steve moved back to London to perform again and supported Dionne Warwick in 2004.

Soon after, he won the X-Factor but a fall-out with Simon Cowell saw him leave his label two years later and work independently.

Now he is back with Forgotten Man,his first album in seven years which was funded by fans and contains a mix of classic soul covers and original songs.

He has also written a book, Getting Over The X, which will be released next month.

“People always say the best way to organise your thoughts is to write things down,” he said.

“I’ve been walking around with a book in my head for 10 years.”

“It has taken it’s toll but thankfully now I can say it’s done.”

“I doubt I would have written it, this year or even anytime in the next 10 years, without the help of Tony Horne.”

“Tony and I have spent hour upon hour clearing out the baggage that I’ve kept in a big black bag in the corner of my mind.”

“I have constantly held onto many things knowing that this day would eventually come.”

“My parents had kept so many magazines both good and bad that I can now happily stick in the bin.”

“Louis Walsh couldn’t help have a dig at me in the papers recently, calling me ‘that awful Steve Brookstein’.”

“But luckily the negativity towards me is on the slide like The X-Factor ratings and it’s only a matter of time before it is cancelled.”

But while X-Factor is forgotten, the love of performing is now for Steve and he is now embarking on a tour to promote Forgotten Man.

His Lincoln show starts at 7.30pm and tickets priced £15 are available from the box office on 01522 883311.

However, we have two pairs of tickets to give away to the lucky readers who can answer this question:

Complete the title of Steve Brookstein’s new album: a) Forgotten Names, b) Forgotten Time, c) Forgotten Man.

Send you answer, together with your name, address and daytime contact number, to Steven Brookstein competition, Gainsborough Standard, 21-27 Ryton Street, Worksop, S80 2AY or email

The closing date is Thursday, 6th November and normal competition rules apply.