Theatre Review: Hobson’s Choice at the Acorn Theatre

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North Notts College student James Douglas reviews the recent production of Hobson’s Choice at Worksop’s Acorn Theatre.

Hobson’s Choice is a play written by Harold Brighthouse during World War One and was first produced in 1915 in the city of New York.

The play is a comedy based upon the livery stable owner Thomas Hobson, who lived between the years of 1544 to1631 in Cambridge. Hobson was a single father of three daughters, the youngest Vickey Hobson, the middle daughter Alice Hobson and the eldest Maggie Hobson.

The phrase ‘Hobson’s Choice’ means a choice of having something or nothing. This is because Hobson would tell his customers that they could have the horse nearest to the door or none at all, this was to prevent his customers always taking the best horse and that one being overused.

The Acorn Theatre in Worksop has recently been staging the fantastic play since 27th Febuary 2014 and came to a close on the 1st March 2014 with the assistance of the Dukeries Theatre Group. The cast holds such local names as; Jolene Atkinson playing the role of Alice Hobson, Hayley Martin playing the role of Vickey Hobson,

Heather Carroll as Maggie Hobson, Mick Walters as Henry Horatio Hobson (Thomas Hobson) and Richard Hinchliffe playing Willie Mossop (a Junior Bootmaker) and also the director of the performance. There are also seven other characters that include a lawyer, a resident of Hope Hall, Hobson’s workshop foreman, the local grocer, the local girl, the son of a successful local tradesman and a Scotsman and local doctor.

They had spent weeks rehearsing at The Station Pub and all their hard work paid off with very positive feedback from the audience with one member saying “Very entertaining and very professional”.

The Dukeries Theatre Group, previously known as the Worksop Dramatic Society, has been performing live theatre for people all over Worksop and the surrounding areas since 1947.

They have performed in a variety of venues including schools and churches but they have now settled at the Acorn Theatre, Queen Street, Worksop.

If you yourself would like to help the Dukeries Theatre Group continue bringing quality theatre to Worksop then please consider becoming their “friend”. In return for your support you shall receive preferential booking and invitations to their social events.

So please contact Gill for more details on the email; or if you would like to just find out when their next performance is then please ring their box office 01909 501817.