Simple and tasty food at Crossing

Toasted Tea Cakes offer at The Crossing in Worksop.
Toasted Tea Cakes offer at The Crossing in Worksop.

Looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite to eat on a cold day in Worksop I popped into The Crossing.

It had been quite a while since my last visit, and I was eager to find out if was still as good.

There was plenty of choice on the menu. The Crossing offers a hot meal of the day with chips, jacket potato, vegetables or salad for £4.70 and filled jacket potatoes from £4.05.

Soup and a roll with butter is £3 and there is a good selection of cold sandwiches served with salad crisps and coleslaw from just £3.15.

I was in the mood for something hot, but the hot meals of the day that were on offer - a chicken bake or quiche - weren’t grabbing me, so I decided to go for a panini.

I chose the Brie and bacon panini at £4.75. As I was after something warming I opted to have it with a bowl of chips rather than the salad, crisps and coleslaw option.

I ordered my food and paid at the counter, and took a seat in the window with my drink and a paper to wait for my food.

It did take a while to order as there was a queue and only one waitress taking orders and making hot drinks. But I wasn’t in any rush so that was no problem.

When it arrived the panini was nicely toasted and was well filled. The generous serving of bacon was well cooked with just the right amount of crispness. The Brie was rich and creamy and had just started to melt.

It came with a generous bowl of chips which were well cooked, crisp and golden on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

I was quite full after polishing off the whole lot. But having queued up next to all the cakes and biscuits on offer while I was ordering, I just had to try something sweet.

Again there was lots on offer. Scones with butter were just £1.30, and there were a good selection of cakes including coconut slices and chocolate brownies.

But the hot pudding of the day had caught my eye - fruit crumble and custard.

That sounded like just the sort of stick to your ribs pudding that I was looking for. And at just £2.70 I decided to give it a go.

I was quite taken aback by the size of the portion when it arrived. A big slab of crumble was topped with lashings of custard.

The crumble topping didn’t have any crunch to it, but it was sweet and buttery. The mixture of fruit was a good balance between sweet and sour that a crumble needs and the custard was rich and creamy.

A great place to grab a bite to eat or a hot drink.

Claire O’Neill