Rock out with the best of local talent

Local band StereoEpic at Gainsborough's Fake Festival G110730-4i
Local band StereoEpic at Gainsborough's Fake Festival G110730-4i

THE words ‘rock’ and ‘Gainsborough’ are rarely seen in the same sentence - but that’s all about to change.

The town’s music scene has never been healthier, and is gaining attention from around the country - and the world.

Just last month, we reported on They Say Fall - local rockers who have been turning heads and are currently riding high in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam music competition.

Now, Graeme Chappelow from StereoEpic, says that there’s a great deal more talent in town then people may recognise.

Not only are they local favourites, but they’re also signed to US record label AllAboutRecords.

“The Gainsborough music scene is fantastic at the moment,” said Graeme.

“There are a lot of very good bands about. A few of us are doing very well for ourselves.”

He continued: “There’s just so much interest in bands from around the town at the moment.”

If you’d like to experience a showcase of the some of the best of local talent, then StereoEpic will be playing at a special charity gig in Gainsborough next month.

“It should be a great night,” said Graeme. “We’re playing with some amazing bands and a couple of great acoustic acts.”

“We’ll also be playing some new tracks from our upcoming album that we’re recording at the moment.”

Graeme added: “Also, in March, our record label is coming over from the States to put on some shows to celebrate their 15th anniversary, and we’ll be playing at a couple of them in Gainsborough.”

“It’s a very exciting time.”

StereoEpic, Skarlett Riot, We Were Infinite, Everglacier, Nicky Selwood and Avalon will be playing an all ages show at The Blues Club, Gainsborough on Friday 3rd February at 7pm.

Tickets are £4 on the door and all proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Organiser Andrew Ingleton said it was a cause very close to his heart - so he’s putting on the gig as part of his 18th birthday party.

“A few of my family have suffered from cancer, and as a result I wished to share my 18th birthday celebrations by holding this one off event for charity,” he said.

“This passion was further fulfilled to support the charity as my Great Aunt died from the disease just after Christmas.”

Andrew added: “The night will be full of variety and most importantly, full of great all-round entertainers and crowd pleasers. I believe this is going to be a great success and a brilliant night for both the bands and the audience, as well as Gainsborough itself as a town.”

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