Review: 65daysofstatic at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Sheffield instrumental wonders 65daysofstatic put on a mesmeric performance at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms on Tuesday night.

The gig was a chance for the four-piece to showcase material off new album Wild Light.

A revered hush fell as they opened with Heat Death Infinity Splitter and Prisms, the first two tracks on Wild Light.

Three tracks from We Were Exploding Anyway were greeted like old friends by those packed into the snug venue, before they played another new track, Black Spots.

A glance across the floor revealed heads nodding in appreciation, and shaking in wonder - like a room full of those awful bobble head toys.

Taipei was a particular highlight, a song that typifies the sound of 65daysofstatic, with a quiet, gentle opening building to a joyous crescendo, before returning to the soft strains of the piano.

The more reflective nature of the new songs, which all sound huge when played live, gave way to the raucous euphoria of Retreat! Retreat! which sparked a mosh pit and smiles all around.

The relentless, stomping and piano-heavy Radio Protector followed, before the closing track of Wild Light, Safe Passage.

It contains one of 65’s greatest moments, when the song suddenly erupts in a wall of sound.

In a live setting it’s breathtaking. Really beautiful and really noisy, and a glorious way to finish a 75 minute set.

Rescue Rooms shows its approval, and the band seem to have genuinely enjoyed themselves.

In the words of 65 guitarist Joe Shrewsbury: “Good work.”