Church fans to worship in Sheffield

The Church.
The Church.

Psychedelic rockers The Church may be nearly 40 years old, but things remain exciting.

The Aussie quartet are heading out on a short UK tour the back of latest album.

Man Woman Life Death Infinity, their 17th studio long-player, has “brought a fresh and futuristic wilder spirit to the touring stage”.

Guitarist Peter Koppes, who co-founded The Church in Sydney in 1980, says: “Music is like inner space and we’re astronauts. It’s a spellbinding thing. It’s hypnotizing. That’s why people like it.

“It takes them into another world and we’re here to open those doors.”

Lead singer Steve Kilbey says: “This is The Church’s water record. I guess water is my element.

“I’ve always marvelled at the sea and rivers and rain.

“It wasn’t conscious at all, but, on reflection, it definitely is a preoccupation on this record.

What that means, I don’t know.”

After accepting the invitation of curator Robert Smith to appear at Southbank’s Meltdown Festival, The Church have once again journeyed from Australia to play the festival and two other London shows.

They then head out for three more UK shows, including in Sheffield on Monday, June 18.

Support comes from Suzie Stapleton. For tickets, see