Belly make peace ahead of new album Dove and Sheffield show


Alt-rockers Belly blazed a trial in the 1990s with tracks such as Feed the Tree, Now They’ll Sleep and Seal My Fate.

However, after two albums – 1993’s Star and 1995 follow-up King – the quartet of ex-Breeders star Tanya Donelly, Thomas Gorman, Chris Gorman and Gail Greenwood broke up.

They reunited in 2016 with some limited shows before returning with their third album, Dove, this year and a new UK tour, which includes a date in Sheffield this weekend.

Tanya says: “We had just gotten to the point where we were just missing each other, and missing the music.

“The music I’ve been doing in the past several years has been very collaborative, which made me kind of homesick for Belly; I missed that sense of having a band.”

“We immediately fell back into our original relationship and musical dynamics. Just a lot of laughing — it felt like a real reunion in the best and truest sense from the first practice on. We had a bit of trepidation, ‘is this going to work’, but the first practice set our anxiety to rest.”

Belly play Sheffield’s The Leadmill on Sunday, June 17. For tickets. see