Zulus dance on Thurcroft stage

Africo Production
Africo Production

Zulu culture is coming to Thurcroft tomorrow night (Saturday) in a music and dance spectacular.

Don’t miss Africoproduction - a cast of Zulus from the Kingdom of KwaZulu Natal - whose traditional dance shows have taken the world by storm.

Catch the show at Thurcroft Welfare Memorial Hall on Katherine Road this Saturday, 6th August at 7pm.

The energetic group has toured festivals, theatres and schools throughout Italy, Germany, France and is currently on tour in the UK.

Africoproduction showcases a kaleidoscope of dynamic traditional Zulu culture with the aim of teaching people of all ages and ethnic groups about their culture and customs.

For the past three years audiences all over the world have been captured by the production - from the amazing voices of the cast, with their brilliant harmony, to the powerful, traditional moves of dance sequences, accompanied by pulsating Zulu drums.

They guarantee to hold any audience spellbound.

“Our show is about the Zulu culture and customs,” explained director Sandile Duma.

“We will demonstrate our traditional dances, music and way of life.”

“We use our Zulu drums as percussion and our voices to create acapela harmonies.”

The show also incorporates acting pieces, dramatising aspects of the traditional culture and life in a Zulu tribe.

Sandile said: “We will demonstrate this by showing a game of stick fighting, a scene where young boys take cows grazing, and what a king and a man’s duty is in his household.”

Zulu people are best known for their culture, their beliefs, their traditional costumes and most of all the historic battles fought - especially the Isandlwana battle against the British in 1879.

The Zulus are the largest tribe in South Africa from the Northern Nguni tribe which includes Xhosa and Swati people.

Swatis now occupy Swaziland, lead by King Mswati the third.

As well as thrilling live entertainment, Africoproduction also offers a variety of services related to cross-cultural collaboration and understanding.

The company works with schools, community groups and zoos throughout the UK and Europe to promote cultural diversity awareness and to facilitate community cohesion.

• To find out more come along to Saturday’s performance.

The show is scheduled to last from 7pm until 8.15pm.

Tickets cost £7.50 for adults and £4 for children.

Visit www.africoproduction.com for more information.