‘Coppers’ scratches the surface

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Guardian News

AROUND 2.6 million viewers tuned into Monday night’s episode of Coppers, which featured a sneak peak into the lives of beat bobbies in Worksop.

The Channel 4 documentary showed officers tackling drunks, burglars, anti-social behaviour and disputes between neighbours.

It also highlighted the problem of constant re-offending in society, with one of Worksop’s most troubled characters Danny Wilson featured in the programme.

Inspector Steve Cartwright said simply: “We are not the solution, we are just giving respite.”

“If you scratch under the surface anywhere you are bound to find problems. But here in Worksop you have a police service that is willing to work with people and offer support.”

“The team is well aware of the frustrations, they have been here for a few years now.”

He stated the show was an insight into what issues society has got and how the police are expected to deal with them.

“They filmed us for four months and the viewers got a 45-minute snapshot,” he added.

“It does show the officers are human and have a sense of humour in a difficult job.”

“We are frustrated too, what else can we do?”

The show, which boasts more viewers than the previous week’s show on Nottingham, has had a mixed response from the public.

Daniel Saban said: “The programme is going to show the negatives because it’s a programme about crime! But as others have said, the majority of it was about smaller crimes and drug related issues. Better than knife attacks, shootings and car chases.”

Adrian Hardy said: “PC Porter came across very well and is a credit to the force.”

Rebecca Wells said: “I’m from Worksop and live in Worksop and am proud to say so.”