Worksop: Harriers finish third in the league after girls win their categories

Worksop Harriers finished third overall in the Notts Mini League
Worksop Harriers finished third overall in the Notts Mini League

Worksop Harriers under-11 and under-15 girls teams won their age categories after the final meeting in the Notts Mini League at Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

The club as a whole finished third overall by the very narrow margin of 1.5 points.

Notts AC took the title after finishing on 853 points, well clear of Sutton on 779.5 with Worksop just behind on 778.

Newark were fourth on 699, ahead of Rushcliffe on 546.5, Retford on 520 and Mansfield on 381.

Coach Michele Harrop thanked the athletes and parents for all their commitment and support over the season, adding that she had enjoyed watching them all develop and improve.

Results: Under 11 girls: Freya Dolby – 80m (1st, 12.6, G3), 600m (1st, 2.04.4), 150m (2nd, 24.1); Eleanor Clark – Chest push (2nd, 5.23m), 80m (13.9), 150m (25.7); Teegan Page– Long jump (5th, 4.12m), 80m (13.1), chest push (4.72m), Lauren Kirk – 80m (14.4), 150m (27.6), long jump (2.82m); Mia Swindell – 80m (13.9), 150m (26.6), long jump (2.76m); Jasmine Warner – 80m (14.1), 600m (2.13.8); Emily Beeves – 80m (15.3), chest push (4.12m), long jump (2.0m); Dolby, Clark, Page, Swindell – 4x100m relay (2nd, 64.3).

Under-11 boys: Jack Garsden – Chest push (1st, 5.73m), 80m (3rd, 12.9), 150m (4th, 25.0); Toby Knowles – High jump (3rd, 1.05, G4), 80m (14.2), 150m (27.4); Jake Charters – 600m (4th, 2.11.2), chest push (4.21m), high jump (0.95m); Henry Dickinson – 80m (15.4), 600m (2.21.4), chest push (4.27m); Flynn Ward: 150m (27.0), 600m (2.16.4); Knowles, Ward, Charters, Garsden – 4x100m (4th 66.6).

Under-13 girls: Laura Betts – Shot (4th, 5.28m), 100m (5th, 16.0), 200m (5th, 33.2); Charlotte Mills – 70m hurdles (5th, 14.2), long jump (7th, 3.36m), 100m (16.6); Erin Lonsdale – Javelin (6th, 10.46m), 800m (7th, 2.58.1), long jump (2.57m); Emma Parker – 100m (18.3), long jump (2.80m); Betts, Mills, Lonsdale, Parker – 4x100m relay (65.1).

Under-13 boys: Regan Langley – Javelin (2nd, 21.15m), shot (2nd, 7.86m), long jump (2.64m); Laith Gladwin – 75m hurdles (4th, 15.9), 800m (5th, 2.39.4), 200m (6th, 31.1); Ewan Bowns – Long jump (4th, 3.61m), 100m (15.8), 200m (33.9); Callum Ward – 75m hurdles (17.3), 800m (3.52.1), long jump (3.02m); Ethan Warner – 75m hurdles (17.5), 100m (15.8), long jump (3.50m); Hayden Greaves – 100m (16.2), 200m (34.5), long jump (3.52m); Oliver Oakes – 100m (16.5), long jump (2.34m), shot (4.84m); Gladwin, Greaves, Bowns, Warner – 4x100m (2nd, 59.8).

Under-15 girls: Sophie Mills – 100m (1st, 13.7), 200m (1st, 27.1), long jump (5th, 4.25m); Emily Race – 75m hurdles (1st, 12.83), javelin (2nd, 19.92m); Lucy Harrop – Discus (5th, 15.45m), javelin (11.96m); Charlotte Oakes – 800m (5th, 2.40.9), 100m (15.4), long jump (3.58m); Abigail Pennington – 100m (14.7), 200m (30.8), long jump (3.89m); Emma Greaves – 100m (15.4), 200m (31.8), long jump (3.39m); Amelia Harrop – 800m (3.02.2), discus (10.75m), javelin (9.81m); Victoria West – 800m (3.06.9), 200m (34.9), discus (8.64m); Mills, Race, Greaves, Oakes – 4x200m relay (2nd, 1.54.9).

Under-15 boys: Nathan Langley – Discus (1st, 34.76m), 80m hurdles (2nd, 12.9), 100m (4th, 13.3); Joshua Charters – 800m (3rd, 2.20.6), javelin (4th, 19.67m), 200m (6th, 30.0); Ryan White – High jump (5th, 1.35m), javelin (18.09m); Sam Wragg – 800m (2.28.4); James Carratt – Discus (17.72m), javelin (16.39m); Wragg, Charters, Langley, Carratt – Medley relay (5th 1.57.6).

Under-17 girls: Georgina Page – Discus (1st, 29.69m).

Under-17 boys: Ryan Page – Discus (1st, 27.56m), high jump (3rd, 1.50m).