Tom ‘blitzes’ his way to table tennis prize

Blitz Table Tennis club enjoyed a successful day at the Clowne 1* Table Tennis tournament, Tom Keast managing to overcome some fierce competition to win the Cadet age group.

In the Cadets group stages, Tom, James Keast, Nick Keast and Ryan Mitchell all played their hearts out for the opportunity to get through their group and earn their place in the main draw.

Tom and James eased into the next round after winning all three of their group games respectively.

Nick found it a little tougher going, but his determination enabled him to progress into the next round by beating Nathan Hinchcliffe.

Ryan Mitchell also found the group stages tricky, his chance in the cadets slowly slipping through his fingers.

However, he played very well and managed to overcome the challenge from Connor Sergeant to defeat him 3-1, but that unfortunately wasn’t enough to send him through.

Nick’s dream came to an end in the next round as he found himself on the wrong end of a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Kyle McIntosh.

Tom and James Keast proved they were the ones to beat in the competition.

They jumped at the chance to be a part of the final and came through the knockout stages and set up an all-family affair.

In the final number one seed Tom overcame his twin brother James to snatch the prize and wrap up the win 3-1.

In the U18s Steven Johnson, Jacob Marshall, James and Tom Keast all fought for the main prize of the day.

Steven Johnson only had three players in his group and he managed to get through after only one defeat at the hands of Robin Pearson and one excellent win over Alex Tilly.

Steve played excellently against Alex and secured his place in the main draw.

Cadet champion Tom Keast also secured his place in the junior knockout after winning his group.

James Keast and Jacob Marshall were drawn in the same group, both managing to get through, James as winner and Jacob as runner-up.

James found the group easy and won all his games but he had a scare when fellow club member Jacob Marshall took him to five ends which could have swung either way.

Jacob was made to work for his place in the first round, twice falling behind, but both times managing to crawl his way back and take the wins and book his place in the main draw.

Jacob’s day was over in the first round as Peter Cowburn didn’t give him a look-in and overcame him easily to send him crashing out of the competition.

Steven Johnson received a bye into the quarter-finals before Joe Cutts ended his progress.

Tom Keast also received a bye into the quarter-finals but was unable to mirror the cadet knockout stage as Peter Cowburn proved too strong for him.

James Keast was the last one standing in the juniors and Blitz’s last hope of a finalist, but he was unlucky and was defeated in the semis by Joe Cutts.

Anyone thinking of starting table tennis or is looking for a place to continue their dreams within the sport then Blitz could be your answer.

To join please contact Paul Johnson on 07986 044680.