Whiting are in

WE have received word from our old friend Keith Lamming, proprietor of East Coast Tackle, that the whiting are in all along the Holderness coast.

Good catches of quality fish are being taken from the Dimlington area and with a north easterly at the time of writing, the cod can not be far behind.

We have already received a number of enquiries about our annual beach fishing match, but unfortunately we have decided against it, due mainly to the large number of open matches taking place over the coming months.

The first of these is a Hornsea SAC open night match on 3rd November, fishing between 6pm and 10pm.

The following week sees the prestigious Warrior Open, fished between 10am and 4pm.

December sees the Marine Teams of Four and Pairs match at Hornsea on the 9th, and if you fancy a break from the festivities there is the Hornsea CF Open on 27th December.

This match has always been one of our personal favourites.

All of these matches are £10 to enter and for registration or further details you can contact Keith on 01964 535964.

We have received details of the European Open, to be held in March, with a prize fund of £35,000 (Thirty-five thousand pounds, not a misprint) and a new car for the overall winner, but we will be sharing those details later.


STANLEY Street Sports and Social AC visited Candy Corner Match Lake last Sunday: 1st Steve Pogson peg 21 78lb 02oz short pole pellet/ corn 15 carp (largest 13lb); 2nd Steve (Polly) Hill peg 25 33lb Bomb and Pole with either meat or pellet carp/bream; 3rd Bill Richardson peg 19 28 08 Pole/feeder carp /bream.

This was the last match in the club’s summer programme, and all the members would like to thank Steve Royale the club secretary.

The presentation night will be held at the club on 13th November, 7pm.

Batchelors AC fished their final match on the Old Lake at Mill Dam: 1st Steve Lockton peg 23 45lb 8oz pole and paste; 2nd Mel Morris peg 4 44lb bomb fished pellet; 3rd Andy Jardine peg 20 43lb 5oz pole and pellet.


AT Lodge Farm the first two matches were effected by overnight frosts.

Tuesday’s open on long island: 1st Andy Favill 61lb 12oz peg 96; 2nd Julian Chadwick 35lb 3oz peg 100; 3rd Steve Nemass 28lb 15oz peg 78.

Wednesday’s over 50s on the lily pond: 1st Lenny Squires 46lb 11oz peg 58; 2nd John Gunn 34lb 4oz peg 64; 3rd Mick Simpson 32lb 2oz peg 66.

Thursday on the field pond: 1st Craig Crosby 139lb 14oz peg 8 method and pellet; 2nd Andy Lakey 126lb 11oz peg 12 method and pellet; 3rd Garry Brookes 104 lb 3oz peg 2 pole and pellet.

Saturday on the field pond: 1st Andy Hill 98lb 4oz peg 4 pole and pellet; 2nd Brian Chatterton 88lb 1oz peg 6 pole and pellet; 3rd John Eaves 79lb peg 1 pole and pellet.

At Riverside, Tuesday’s open: 1st Cris Line 35lb 9oz peg 34 pole and caster; 2nd Terry Pixley 25lb 6oz peg 36 pole and maggot.

Wednesday: 1st Mark Cordeall 54lb 5oz peg 34 pole and corn; 2nd Pete Ware 21lb 10 oz peg 10 pole and pellet

Friday: 1st Keith Noble 30lb 6oz peg 34 pole and pellet; 2nd Pete Ware 26lb 6oz peg 30 pole and pellet.

Saturday: 1st Keith Noble 45lb peg 34 pole and pellet; 2nd Pete Ware 44lb 9oz peg 38 pole and pellet.