Vickers and Pycroft take 10 points in Trent Valley Road Club’s first reliability ride of the new year

Trent Valley Road Club held their first reliability ride of 2014 on Sunday, with riders batting the clock to cross the line before the end of their selected time band.

The course was a 23 mile loop and riders choose their time band before racing.

Harpswell hill was the first obstacle of the day and the blistering pace forced by Shaun Pycroft during the short ascent split the riders.

James Vickers, Paul Pycroft, Shaun Pycroft and Julian Hesp broke away, pushing a fast pace until a puncture at Kirton Lindsey forced Shaun Pycroft to stop.

A second group comprised of Adam Kingscott, Darren Dickinson and Jordan Skellingthorpe also pressed hard.

Attempted break away surges by Kingscott to catch the front runners were closed down.

The front three were out for the distance and all stayed in contention for ‘first across the line’ until Thonock Hill allowed Vickers to break away and reach the line.

The results on the day were as follows: (Rider, Band, Points, Time) James Vickers, Band A, 10 points, 1:07; Paul Pycroft, Band A, 10 points, 1:08; Darren Dickinson, Band B, 8 points, 1:12; Adam Kingscott, Band B 8 points, 1:12; Rob Brooks, Band D , 4 points, 1:27; Justin Atkinson, Band B, 0 points, 1:17; Shaun Pycrof, Band A, 0 points, 1:18;mJulian Hesp (Private Trial) Guest, 1:08; Jordan Skellingthorpe (Private Trial) Guest, 1:12.

The club’s next reliability ride, over 28 miles, will take place on 26th January.

The date for the annual Trent Valley Road Club presentation has been confirmed for 30th January and will take place at the Peacock Pub on Spittal Hill in Gainsborough at 7pm.

All members and their friends and family are welcome, as are non-members.

For more information about the reliability trials and the club’s upcoming events visit