Turn outs on the up as weather improves

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Finally the weatherman has given us some hope with the promise of rising temperatures.

There is even a threat of some sunshine! Match turnouts and catch results are now on the up.

Now onto the Match Scene.

Sherwood Forest Fisheries is in full swing. Jason Thomas, fought the wind to present pellet at 9m during Monday’s Open to win with skimmers to 2lb, carp to 4lb.Geoff Mawby bagged the best weight of the week with over 59lb from HolmedaleLake during Wednesday’s match.

Monday Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st J Thomas, Subfish, peg 36, 25-1-0, pole pellet at 9m for carp to 4lb and skimmers to 2lb. 2nd J Mills, Mansfield AA, peg 1, 17-15-0. 3rd M Wright, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 32, 17-10-0.

Tuesday Open, Sherwood Lake: 1st D Staley, Mansfield Pisc AS, peg 6, 22-1-0, pole pellet over micros for skimmers to 1lb. 2nd S Richards, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 21, 19-0-0, pole worm for a mixed bag. 3rd D Round, Woodhouse Angling, peg 24, 17-15-0. 4th G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling, peg 7, 17-2-0.

Wednesday Fun League, Holmedale Lake: 1st G Mawby, Gateford Angling, peg 1, 59-5-0, pole pellet down the margins for skimmers, capped off with carp to 8lb. 2nd A Lakey, Worksop Angling, peg 39, 40-6-0, method pellet out to the island for carp to 4lb. 3rd C Brown, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 14, 28-15-0. 4th C Spencer, GOT Baits, peg 51, 28-3-0.

Sunday Holmedale Lake Open Match: 1st J Woodland, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 51, 55-3-0, pole pellet in margins for carp to 10lb. 2nd C Brown, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 17, 51-10-0, pole pellet at 6m for carp to 4lb. 3rd M Langton, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 9, 50-8-0. 4th A Lakey, Worksop Angling, peg 36, 47-7-0. 5th D Richmond, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 45, 41-15-0. 6th M Malia, WickersleyAngling, Peg 55, 40-12-0.

Sunday Woodhouse Angling Centre Spring league Round 1, Sherwood Lake: 1st I Boyd, Woodhouse Angling Centre, 43-12-0. 2nd F Bispham, Peg One, 22-10-0, pole pinkie for skimmers. 3rd G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling, 20-8-0. 4th S Richards, Woodhouse Angling, 18-4-0. Joint 5th K Baxter, Mosborough Tackle & D Round, Woodhouse Angling, 16-10-0.

Lodge Farm Fisheries is starting to show real potential with Ray Dennis bagging over 60lb of carp, during Saturday’s Open.

Tuesday Open Long Island: 1st B Chatterton, peg 98, 33-13-0, wag maggot for bream & ide. 2nd A Lakey, peg 92, 20-12-0, pole pellet. 3rd K Morris, peg 99, 13-7-0, bomb meat.

Wednesday Over 50s Lily: 1st K Morris, peg 73, 30-6-0, wag maggot for F1s. 2nd B Richardson, peg 54, 21-11-0, method pellet. 3rd J Gunn, peg 53, 20-0-0, wag maggot.

Thursday Open Signal: 1st J Gunn, peg 18, 26-14-0, wag maggot for bream & ide.2nd A Favill, peg 12, 26-6-0, pole pellet. 3rd S Short, peg 9, 18-0-0, pole pellet.

Saturday Open Long Island: 1st R Dennis, peg 76, 60-4-0, bomb meat for carp. 2nd M Brownhill, peg 78, 48-0-0, wag maggot. 3rd L Hardwick, peg 90, 46-5-0, pole pellet.

Hallcroft Fisheries saw Andy Oldham net over the ton mark during Saturday’s Open on the Moat. Andy Gaunt was on similar form on Sunday, bagging almost 90lb of carp, again from the Moat.

Club News: Toft Newton rod average was slightly down thanks to the easterly winds, with 68 rods catching 259 trout for a rod average of 3.8.

Intermediates with boobies and small lures on the point with buzzer or diawl on the dropper, working well.

Water temperatures still too low for buzzer and nymph.

The best fish of the week of over 12lb, fell to a ‘cat’s whisker’ offered by Kate Evans from Bardney.

Kate is no stranger to big fish and is starting to put the guys to shame.

Grafton AA permits are now on sale for the 2013/14 season, available from Ken Wards Tackle, Worksop or Bailiff on the bank.

Worksop & District AA Bailiff, Fred Weaver has reported increased catches on the Chesterfield Canal.

The prolonged cold weather has kept roach and bream shoals in the deeper water to the topside of locks.

Best baits pinkies & chopped worm over groundbait with specimen roach falling to corn & tares, fished over hemp.

Langold Lake has already started to produce good bags of carp following pre-season stocking.

Good bream nets also reported, falling to maggot & chopped worm feeder methods. Day tickets available on the bank, Adults £4.40, Juniors £1.20 per day.

SYPAC canal stretch between Ranby Barracks and Barnby Wharf fishing well with the deeper lock swims producing good bags of roach on bread punch, maggot and chopped worm.

Perch over 1lb mark not uncommon. Season tickets and full fishery details available at www.sypac.co.uk.

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Tight Lines! Alan.