Tracey takes summer title at Stanley Street

Snooker Secretary Antony Coupe with, right, Steve Tracey
Snooker Secretary Antony Coupe with, right, Steve Tracey

The Stanley Street summer snooker competition was won by Steve Tracey.

Club members battled it out during the close season, with Stanley Street C team’s Tracey the fifth player to win in five years.

He took the trophy by beating B team player Nigel Beeston 3-0 in the final.

Giving 15 start, Tracey started the better against a nervy Beeston to claw back the handicap and went on to win the opening frame with an excellent 22 clearance.

The second frame saw Tracey have the run of the balls with a few lucky and fluky shots sealing the frame narrowly on the pink.

The third frame was nip and tuck throughout with Beeston still below par, but he managed to stick in the frame to force the game into a re-spotted black.

However the experience of Tracey came through with a brilliant cut back to take the re-spot and put his name on the cup.

The opening week’s fixtures in the Worksop Snooker League saw defendin champions Breakers X held to a 2-2 draw by Clipstone.


Division One: Breakers X 2-2 Clipstone, Welbeck B 2-2 Breakers S, Warsop WMC 2-2 Notts Arena C, Notts Arena 3-1 Stanley St D, Stanley St G 3-1 Bassetlaw C, Notts Arena B 3-1 Stanley St C, Dinnington C 3-1 Welbeck A. Bye - Anston WMC.

Division Two: Hodthorpe A 2-2 Langold Pocket, New Middle Club 1-3 Stanley St B, Woodend Pub 2-2 Hodthorpe B, Bowling Club 3-1 Tickhill B, Stanley St A 3-1 Institute A of Tickhill, Dinnington A 0-4 Grove Mill. Byes- Harworth, Longden Terrace.


Division One: Stanley St G v Notts Arena, Notts Arena B v Warsop WMC, Dinnington C v Welbeck B, Anston WMC v Breakers X, Welbeck A v Clipstone, Stanley St C v Breakers S, Bassetlaw C v Notts Arena C. Bye – Stanley St D.

Division Two: Stanley St B v Institute A of Tickhill, Langold Pkt v Longden Terrace, Hodthorpe A v Stanley St A, NMC v Bowling Club, Dinnington A v Woodend Pub, Tickhill B v Grove Mill. Bye – Harworth, Hodthorpe B.