Top 10 spots for juniors

THE Bassetlaw Orienteering juniors were in action at the British Schools Score Championships on Saturday, at Kingsbury Waterpark, Coventry.

A team of 27 children, from four of the district’s schools, came home with nine top 10 finishes. In the team event Worksop College Prep School, Ranby House, came third in both the Boys and Girls Middle/Prep School category.


George Carley 3rd Year 7 Boys, Eleanor Cooley 4th Year 8 Girls, Will Parkinson 4th Year 12/13 Boys, Ellie Severn and Emma Robinson 5th Year 5 Girls, Cameron Ho and Charlie Furness 6th Year 6 Boys, Fraser Ridgway 6th Year 7 Boys, Huw Brown 8th Year 8 Boys, Ryan Wright 9th Year 7 Boys, Amelia Biddulph 10th Year 8 Girls, Tom Cooley and Douglas Barnes 11th Year 5 Boys, James Recaldin 12th Year 7 Boys, Josh Porter and Rudra Mutalik 13th Year 7 Boys, Jamie Davison and Amelia Bayston 13th Year 6 Girls, Jodie Wright and Olivia Stirland 21st Year 8 Girls, Jade Davis and Summer Davis 27th Year 7 girls, Cameron Ridgway 27th Year 12 + 13 Boys, Stefan Taylor 27th Year 8 Boys, Alexander Ridgway 33rd Year 10 + 11 Boys.