Toft Newton opens to predator anglers

Dan Ellis with one of his lure caught perch
Dan Ellis with one of his lure caught perch

For a limited period, Toft Newton Reservoir has opened its gates to predator anglers.

Pike Anglers’ Club member Dan Ellis is no stranger to Toft, targeting perch and pike on lures.

Toft is particularly known for its large numbers of specimen perch.

Drop-shotting methods, small spinners and jellies work best.

Boat fishing over features will give the best results.

Boats must be pre-booked in advance.

Retford Angling Centre Fisheries has opened up new ponds at Lound.

Corner Ponds consists of three one acre traditional ponds.

Carp, silver fish and tench ponds set in beautiful surroundings.

Limited spaces, season ticket only.

Call in at the tackle shop to apply or for more details call 07815 308463.

As the cooler weather approaches, why not start the day with a Full English.

For those who fish in the Normanton on Trent area, The Square and Compass Pub is offering early morning breakfast for anglers.

No minimum order, contact Neil and Sally on 01636 821439 to book.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tue Open, Sherwood Lake: 1st Brian Elliott, peg 25, 64-3-0, pole pellet for a mixed bag of ide, skimmers and carp; 2nd Craig Brazier, peg 9, 35-5-0, pole pellet for skimmers; 3rd John Holmes, Woodhouse Angling, peg11, 30-15-0; 4th Norman Collier, peg 23, 30-7-0; 5th Fred Bispham, Peg One Angling, peg 18, 23-2-0; 6th Ivor Birkin, peg 13, 20-14-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st Nigel Shipman, peg 45, 101-7-0, 13m and 16m pole pellet, changing to margins later on to land 37 carp to 7lb; 2nd Pete Hodgetts, peg 4, 92-3-0, pole meat at 7m and margins for carp to 9lb; 3rd Mick Langton, peg 42, 90-3-0; 4th Brian Elliott, peg 27, 79-3-0; 5th Steve Dyson, Garbolino Lindholme, peg 36, 71-0-0; 6th Sean Storey, Gateford Angling Centre, peg 19, 70-2-0.

Sun Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st Mick Langton, peg 4, 118-10-0, 6m pole meat helped Mick beat off the 27-strong field with 23 carp to 10lb; 2nd Phil Carline, Subfish Tackle, peg 26, 109-12-0, 9m pole pellet for carp to 10lb; 3rd Kieran Wood, peg 39, 95-7-0; 4th Nigel Shipman, peg 9, 90-3-0; 5th Colin Wood, peg 45, 90-3-0; 6th Richard Allen, Kinky Pellet Club, peg 19, 88-10-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft: Mon Veterans, Bridge: 1st S Cook, peg 17, 86-12-0, 13m pole with paste and corn over pellet and hemp; 2nd R Holmes, peg 34, 84-2-0; 3rd M Fellows, peg 31, 78-12-0.

Tue Open, Croft: 1st J Masson, Colmic, peg 26, 49-12-0, pole pellet and corn, long and short for tench, skimmers and carp; 2nd J Hobson, peg 2, 45-12-0; 3rd S Butler, peg 8, 36-10-0.

Thu Veterans, Bridge/Croft: 1st D Sewell, peg B41, 64-1-0, 6mm expander over 4mm pellet for carp to 9lb; 2nd M Hall, peg C3, 56-14-0; 3rd I Donaldson, peg B13, 49-6-0.

Fri Open, Moat: 1st P Elliott, Leegem, peg 28, 174-13-0, 10m pole with worm over hemp and corn for carp to 18lb; 2nd S Clark, peg 50, 113-4-0; 3rd J Masson, Colmic, peg 45, 103-10-0.

Sat Winter League Open, Moat: 1st P Elliott, Leegem, peg 62, 133-1-0, bomb alternating hair-rigged corn and worm over hemp for carp to 12lb; 2nd D Dare, Marukyu, peg 53, 123-15-0; 3rd B Holmes, peg 35, 100-11-0.

Sun Open, Moat: 1st N Vernon, peg 26, 154-1-0, shallow waggler with hair-rigged corn and 8mm pellet; 2nd S Robbins, Leegem, peg 16, 92-15-0; 3rd N Wood, peg 55, 82-14-0.

CLUB Scene

Grafton AC: Barnburgh Fisheries, Doncaster: 1st Simon Short, 132-12-0, pole caster; 2nd Bill Corbett, 75-5-0, pole maggot; 3rd Brian Pool, 68-6-0, pole paste.

Kilton Inn AC: Kilton Inn are looking for a few more members so anyone wanting to join this friendly club contact John Brett on 01909 487 752.

Tuesday Club: Annual General Meeting will be held at Manton Athletics Club, Retford Road, on 28th October, starting 7pm.

British Gas AC: Annual General Meeting will be held at Manton Athletics Club, Retford Road on 30th October, 7pm.

game Scene

Toft Newton Reservoir: 84 rods caught 361 fish, giving an impressive rod average of 4.3

Lots of activity on or near the surface so stick to the floater with the usual top of the water patterns, Crunchers, Diawl Bachs, small Boobies and dries.

Jim Blythe managed the biggest rainbow of the week at 9lb 8oz taken on a booby.

If you have stories, results or pictures , email Guardian angling expert or give him a call on 07815 308463.