Success on the final day

The final day of the County Swimming Championships concluded a successful campaign for Retford Swimming Club.

The day, at Beechdale, Nottingham, was split into two sessions with the 50m Breaststroke and 100m Individual Medley events before the team relays.

Highlights included a bronze in the 100m IM for Emma Davies and two bronze medals for Thomas Deeley in the 50m Breaststroke and 100m IM.

At the end of the Championships the swimmers’ results are ranked in order of their overall performance over the whole event.

Awards are then presented to those in the top 10 which this year went to Finleigh Dukes, Emma Davies, Charlotte Petley, Oliver Taylor, Samuel Templeton, Thomas Deeley, Mia Kay, and Ben Atkinson.

Thomas Johnstone, 11, sawm a 200m Breaststroke personal best of 3:35.63.

Results: Boys 50m Breaststroke Ben Atkinson 54.88 PB, Callum Kettlewell 47.83 PB, Jack Randell 44.77, Jacob Clements 50.92 PB, Liam Marshall 37.67 8th, Matthew Pavier 49.08, Samuel Templeton 39.19 PB 4th, Thomas Deeley 43.83 PB 3rd, Thomas Johnstone 46.31 PB; Girls 50m Breaststroke Ellen Dudley 44.70, Emma Davies 37.01 PB 5th, Finleigh Dukes 38.97 PB, Georgiana Templeton 49.96 Mia Kay 53.06 PB; Boys 100m IM Daniel Atkinson 1:17.75 PB, Jacob Roberts 1:19.85 PB, Liam Marshall 1:12.24 PB, Oliver Taylor 1:11.64 10th, Samuel Templeton 1:15.77 PB 4th, Thomas Deeley 1:23.34 PB 3rd; Girls 100m IM Alex Babenko 1:18.87 PB, Charlotte Petley 1:17.60 PB, Daisy Cookson 1:17.09 PB, Ellen Dudley 1:20.60, Emma Davies 1:10.16 PB 3rd , Finleigh Dukes 1:11.23 6th, Georgiana Templeton 1:32.69 PB, Leah Smith 1:20.08 PB, Mia Hunt 1:23.86 PB, Mia Kay 1:40.48, Natasha Utley 1:22.84 PB; Relays: Girls 9/10 yrs 200m Medley Relay 12th (Georgiana Templeton, Ashleigh Woodcock, Poppy Livingstone, Mia Kay); 200m Freestyle Relay 9th; Boys 10/under 200m Freestyle Relay 6th (Jacob Clements, Callum Kettlewell, Matthew Pavier, Thomas Deeley); Girls 12/under 200m Medley Relay - 12th (Alex Babenko, Mia Hunt, Natasha Utley, Molly Burgess); 200m Freestyle Relay 9th; Girls 14/under 200m Medley Relay 5th (Daisy Cookson, Emma Davies, Finleigh Dukes, Charlotte Petley); 200m Freestyle Relay 5th; Boys 14/under 200m Medley Relay 6th (Liam Marshall, Samuel Templeton, Daniel Atkinson, Oliver Taylor); 200m Medley Relay 9th