Road Runners celebrate successful year

CLOWNE Road Runners celebrated a successful 2012, with their annual awards night at the village community centre.

Over 125 people attended the presentation, where awards were presented to club runners who have competed in grand prix races, cross country events, fell running races and road races throughout 2012 in various parts of the UK.

One of the highlights of the year was yet another accolade for 10k specialist Andy Ward, who broke 30 minutes for his distance in 2012.

The winners of the club’s Grand Prix were as follows: 1st Senior Male Chris Lane, 1st Mvet+40 Steve Hattersley, 1st Mvet+45 Dave Keeling, 1st Mvet+50: Roger Fokinther, 1st Mvet+60: Dennis Learad, 1st Senior Lady Deborah Leese and 1st Lvet+45 Andrea Walker.

The overall grand prix standings saw Dennis Learad on top, followed by David Leese and Roger Fokinther.

Five fell running races made up the club’s Totley Series in 2012, and Learad was the winner of that as well.

The Maude Richardson trophy, awarded to the member who has contributed the most in a year for the benefit of the club, went to Steve Hattersley.

And a Life Membership went to Les Banton, for his service over the years.

The annual cross country competition between Clowne, Retford AC, Killamarsh Kestrels and Handsworth Road Hogs, consisting of four local races with over 180 runners taking part, saw cross country medals awarded to Steve Battle, Reg Bestwick, Roy Butterworth, Roger Fokinther, Dave Keeling, Daniel Keeling, Hedley Knight, Chris Lane, David Leese, Brian Lowndes, Jim McIntosh, Andy Padley, Jackie Robson, Paul Sadler, Bert Wain, Ellie Ward, Christine Stimpson, Barbara Rusling, Mark Waller, Richard Carter, Andrea Walker, Sharon Bache, Sally Staveley, Malcolm Rhodes, Helen Hughes, Natalie Hibbert, Catherine Jones, Gregory Lyle and Tony Redfern.

The winners of the 19km, 10 mile, half and full marathon categories were: Best Male 10K Andy Ward, Best Female 10K Andrea Walker, Best Male 10 Mile Dennis Learad, Best Female 10 Mile Andrea Walker, Best Male 1/2 Marathon Pete Roberts, Best Female 1/2 Marathon Louise Lowe and Best Male Full Marathon Richard Stoker.

The club also has an award for the most improved male and female runner, this calculated on the performance of the runners throughout the year with the input from the club coach

Andy ward, went to David Leese and Andrea Walker.

Medals were dished out to runners reaching ‘club standards’ in various categories, achieved through training nights under Ward, on Thursdays at Clowne Community Centre.