Retford boxer is crowned champ

Twelve year old Billy Smith of Retford ABC was crowned Midland champion on Sunday 6th February.

The youngster beat Patrick Scott of Kings Heath, Northampton at Coventry.

Scott came into the bout favourite with six wins from nine bouts, against Smith who only has two wins from three.

Smith, an awkward orthodox, gambled early on and charged at Scott and threw punches in bunches.

Scott failed to put any pressure on Smith, who ambushed him at every opportunity.

Eventually Scott got to grips with Smith in the second with the odd jab and found some rhythm as the Retford boy took his foot off the pedal.

But in the third Smith upped the workrate and kept the straight shots coming to keep Scott at bay.

Smith will now represent the Midlands and go on to the quarter-finals in Birmingham next week.

He adds his name to a list of only seven other boxers from the club who have worn the coveted Midland vest and he will proudly represent the region in the next round of the competition.