Needham and Lonsdale on great form

The Worksop Harriers held the fourth meeting in the Notts Mini League Cross-Country at Worksop College.

There were some excellent performances with Aidan Needham (U11) and James Lonsdale (U13) spurred on by running the club’s home event to win their respective races.

Mark Hardwick (U15) recorded an encouraging second place and Lucy Harrop (U11) finished a fine third place.


Under 11 girls – 1,000m: Lucy Harrop (3rd, 4:05), Emma Greaves (14th, 4:31), Erin Lonsdale (15th, 4:31), Emily Race (31st, 4:49), Georgia Dickinson (35th, 4:52).

Under 11 boys – 1,500m: Aidan Needham (1st, 5:24), Kiran Hall (12th, 6:14), Callum Ward (13th, 6:19), James Nadin (14th, 6:24), Regan Langley (19th, 6:56), Oliver Oakes (20th, 7:25), James Carratt (21st, 9:02), Casey Dickinson (22nd, 9:25).

Under 13 girls – 2,000m: Ellie Wheatley (9th, 9:07), Bethan Dennis (11th, 9:17), Charlotte Oakes (16th, 10:23).

Under 13 boys – 3,000m: James Lonsdale (1st, 10:45). Joshua Charters (10th, 13:09), Nathan Langley (14th, 13:43), James Bedford (15th, 14:01), Bradley Smith (16th, 14:10).

Under 15 girls – 3,000m: Stephanie Oakes (6th, 13:05), Lauren Ward (8th, 13:44), Karley Bell (11th, 14:54), Sarah Gooch (12th, 15:19), Georgina Page (14th, 18:34), Lea Dickinson (15th, 18:36).

Under 15 boys – 4,500m: Mark Hardwick (2nd, 15:58), Ryan Page (13th, 19:38), Thomas Carratt (14th, 19:49).

The final meeting in the league is at the Grove Leisure Centre, Newark on 26th February.

However, the Harriers’ next competition is the Nottinghamshire County Cross-Country Championships.

It wil be held in conjunction with Derbyshire, at Markeaton Park, Derby this Saturday (7th January).