More glory for Retford swimmers at county championships

The penultimate day of the Notts Age Group County Championships took place at Beechdale, Nottingham.

In another successful day there were highlights and personal bests for Retford swimmers, including gold, silver and bronze medals for Tom Deeley.

And Finleigh Dukes took gold in the 200m butterfly.

Emma Davies, Ellen Dudley, Oliver Taylor, Samuel Templeton and Tom Deeley all achieved Midlands qualifying times, and six swimmers reached finals, including 10-year-olds Poppy Livingstone and Callum Kettlewell.

Results: Girls 200m Butterfly Finleigh Dukes 2:23.07 PB – FINALS 2:24.52 1st, Poppy Livingstone 3:37.43 PB – FINALS 3:30.87 PB 5th; Boys 200m IM Ben Atkinson 3:27.39 PB, Callum Kettlewell 3:06.99 PB 9th, Daniel Atkinson 2:42.02 PB, Jacob Roberts 2:50.33 PB, Liam Marshall 2:33.69 PB, Oliver Taylor 2:32.73 PB MQT, Pepe Anthony 3:23.22 PB, Samuel Templeton 2:38.18 PB – FINALS 2:37.17 PB MQT 4th, Tom Deeley 2:54.69 PB – FINALS 2:54.61 PB MQT 2nd; Girls 100m Freestyle, Alex Babenko 1:08.35 PB, Charlotte Petley 1:04.86 PB, Daisy Cookson 1:05.95 PB, Ellen Dudley 1:05.08 PB MQT, Emma Davies 1:01.20 PB 5th, Finleigh Dukes 1:03.29 10th, Leah Smith 1:09.24, Mia Hunt 1:11.43 PB, Molly Burgess 1:14.43 PB, Natasha Utley 1:13.78 PB; Boys 50m Freestyle Ben Atkinson 39.43 PB, Callum Kettlewell 34.92 PB 9th, Cole Hewitt 32.89, Dan Atkinson 31.04 PB, Henry Paterson 36.99 PB, Jacob Clements 37.64 PB, Liam Marshall 28.82m Oliver Taylor 27.94 PB 10th, Pepe Anthony 38.87, Samuel Templeton 31.11 PB, Tom Deeley 32.78 PB 3rd; Girls 400m Freestyle Alex Babenko 5:14.10, Charlotte Petley 4:55.29 PB, Ellen Dudley 4:57.20 PB, Emma Davies 4:45.97 PB MQT 7th, Finleigh Dukes 4:44.05 6th, Georgiana Templeton 6:18.24, Poppy Livingstone 6:02.17 PB 10th; Boys 200m Breaststroke Ben Atkinson 3:57.94 PB, Callum Kettlewell 3:34.09 PB – FINALS – 3:36.78 4th, Charlie Randell 4:32.67, Jack Randell 3:26.86 PB, Jacob Clements 3:52.60 PB, Jake Lee 4:28.33 PB, Liam Marshall 2:56.56 PB, Oliver Taylor 3:03.61 PB, Pepe Anthony 3:49.74 PB, Samuel Templeton 2:57.46 PB – FINALS – 2:56.22 PB MQT 4th, Tom Deeley 3:22.32 – FINALS – 3:17.87 PB MQT 1st; Girls 100m Backstroke Alex Babenko 1:19.96 PB, Charlotte Petley 1:15.98 PB, Daisy Cookson 1:14.05 PB, Emma Davies 1:11.60 PB MQT 7th, Finleigh Dukes 1:14.70 PB, Leah Smith 1:16.44 PB, Mia Hunt 1:26.33 PB, Natasha Utley 1:22.67 PB.