Mick Swift takes victory at Springs

WE start this week by wishing John (Nico) Nicholson a speedy recovery after his recent accident.

Many of you will know John not only as a specimen hunter and all rounder but also through his role as scalesman at Lodge Farm.

We know that you will join us in hoping to see him back where he belongs on the bank before too long.

A note for for the juniors who enjoyed last weeks ‘Fish in’ at Lakeside, as promised all the photos are available on the Facebook page for Worksop and District Anglers.

Many thanks to Tommy Mullen for taking them on the day.


THERE are two matches to report on from the Station Hotel Angling Club of Shireoaks, who fished their first Summer League Match at Lewden Springs, near Barnsley on 2th May.

All the anglers had good nets of silver fish, particularly ide, but the winner Mick hooked a bonus 13lb carp on the whistle to nick the honours: 1st Mick Swift 37lbs 04 oz, short pole/caster/silver fish and carp; 2nd Phill Wright 33lbs 12oz, short pole/worm & caster/silver fish; 3rd Ivor Jones 33lbs 08oz margins/maggot/silver fish.

The second match of the series was competed at Bank End Fishery on the West Lake on Saturday 26th May where the members found that the carp and silver fish spawning on the arrival of the hot weather.

Most anglers had to be content with just watching the carp crashing into the reeds: 1st Kev Seeley 55lbs 00oz, short pole/maggot/carp; 2nd Mick Swift 48lbs 14oz long pole/pellet/mixed fish; 3rd Martin Spencer 34lbs 10oz, short pole/pellet & caster/mixed fish,

The Worksop juniors have been in action again with an open match for the Under 18s, at the lantra pond at Aston Park.

Twnety-four anglers fished with 17 catching double figure weights: 1st Macauley Duke 34lb 10oz peg 17, 2nd Cameron Cross 32lb 2oz peg 21, 3rd Reece Thornton 29lb 3oz peg10.

Team coach Neil Nicolson would like to once again thank Alex and his team at the fishery for their hospitality.

The Stanley Street Sports and Social anglers ventured to the Big Adams lake at Hayfield last Sunday: Derek Brown peg 44 50lb 08, pole/paste/carp up to 8lb; Steve Sutton peg 35 39lb 12oz, bomb and pellet, all carp; Ian Mellish peg 37 28lb 04oz, all methods, carp.

The anglers from British Gas visited Bank End Fisheries, West Lake on Thursday 24th May: Steve (Polly) Hill 62lb 08oz, carp down margins with maggot; Alan Richardson 60lb 08oz as above; Sid Whitehouse 57lb 08oz, floating pole and pellet.

There are also two matches to report on from Batchelors AC, the first when made the short journey to the KJS Fishery on 20th where they opted to fish pond five: Alan Quick peg 21 32lb 8oz, carp, pole and pellet; Mick Eshelby peg 14 17lb 10oz, ide, pole and caster, worm; Andy Jardine peg 20 16lb 0oz, ide, pole and caster.

Their next match took place on Sunday 3rd June on the Cobble Pond at Woodhouse Grange.


STARTING at the Riverside complex near Bawtry, pole and pellet reigned supreme last Tuesday with all of the main frame employing the method: Tony Morris peg 45 23lb 14oz, 2nd Keith Noble peg 24 23lb 13oz, Terry Pixley peg 10 21lb 9oz.

Wednesday saw a slight change in tactics for the win: John Bleakley peg 32 35lb 9oz pole fished corn, Mark Cordell peg 38 27lb 4oz pole and pellet, Brian Robinson peg 6 23lb 9oz pole and meat.

Thursday: Mark Cordell peg 6 75lb 6oz pole fished pellet, Pete Ware peg 34 39lb pole fished pellet, Dave Evans peg 36 38lb 5oz pellet waggler.

Friday: Pete Ware peg 34 25lob 6oz pole and pellet, Lee Hasset peg 22 19lb 4oz pole and pellet.

Saturday: Pete Ware peg 30 17lb 4oz pole and pellet, Paul Brazier peg 4 15lb 13oz pole and pellet.

Down the road at Scrooby Top’s Lodge Farm, Tuesday’s match was held on the Field Pond with pole fished pellet accounting for all the main frame, with a tie for second spot: Dave Evans 82lb 4oz peg 2, Craig Crosby 42lb 3oz peg 4, Shane Blades 42lb 3oz peg.

Wednesdays over 50s was competed on the signal pond: Kev martin 52lb 7oz 52lb 7oz peg 19 pole and paste, Reg Turner 42lb peg 18 pole and meat, Mal Morris 37lb 12oz peg 39 pole and paste.

Thursday’s open was held on the Long Island: Craig Crosby 146lb 12oz peg 95 pole and pellet, Keith Walters 105lb 8oz peg 98 pole and pellet, Pete Mills 78lb 5oz peg 88 pole fished corn.

Thursday evening’s three hour sprint was competed on the top pond where all the main frame employed pole fished meat: Mick shank 48lb 5oz, Tony Leef 46lb 7oz, Phil Morgan 37lb peg 26.

Over at Lakeside the weights are dominated by silver fish due to the carp spawning.

Wednesday’s open saw Malc Thompson take the honours from peg 13 with 56lb 13oz on pole and pellet.

On the carp lake John Thompson took 10 fish topped off by a 26lb 4oz common from peg three.

On the trout lake Ian Harrison had 13 fish to 10lb on segmented bloodworm, cast on a sinking line, with Worksop rod Ian Wilkinson accounting for 10 rainbows to 8lb on orange and black fritz also cast on a sinking line.