London Marathon blog: 2 months 5 days to go

30th Worksop Half Marathon and Fun Run, the Guardian's Debbie Sansom (w111101-3h)
30th Worksop Half Marathon and Fun Run, the Guardian's Debbie Sansom (w111101-3h)

I EXPERIENCED what can only be described as an ‘all time low’ this Sunday after my long run.

It was a two hour, rainy, miserable road run with the last four miles through sludgy melting snow Sherwood Forest.

The run itself wasn’t all bad but I made the somewhat catastrophic mistake of not stretching and just going to sleep instead.

By Monday I was walking like Lurch from the Addams family, and was about as warm and welcoming to work with.

Tuesday I tried a short run to loosen everything up and that seemed to work.

But at this point I was in such a grump about the marathon the thought of another two months of this looked like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.

Thankfully, a few pleading tweets, a couple of sponsors, and one takeaway pizza later I have bounced back.

This morning I did an easy seven miles, with no gloves and, even better, in daylight. Bring on Spring.

Tomorrow I am planning to top 15 miles and creep/stumble over the 16.2 mile mark. That will leave a ‘mere’ 10 to conquer before the marathon.

To break this up I am planning a three mile run from home, three back to hydrate, taking me to six miles, repeat, then tack on a final 4.2 and I’ll be home and dry*.

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*Where dry is ‘soaked in sweat and limping’.