Last match standing is excellent battle

The bad weather reduced the Gainsborough Bowls League to only one match last week, leaving the Kelsey Cup and the Garner Shield both unfinished.

Marshall A and North Wheatley both did their best to compensate for this in an excellent battle played out at Melrose.

As Marshall A finished third in the league and North Wheatley sixth and the A team had won 10 – 0 at Wheatley in their last match this match ought to have been one-sided, but the form book was thrown out of the window.

From the start the match was close and remained close the whole way through.

At the end it fittingly fell to Marshall A captain Geoff Gray to bowl in prevent dropping two on the last end.

Wheatley only got one out of that end and so Marshall A won the match 70-69.