In profile: Maltby Netball Club’s Leah Carratt

Leah Carratt - Maltby Netball Club
Leah Carratt - Maltby Netball Club

MALTBY Netball Club, known as the Maltbees, began their sporting life in March of this year.

Leah Carratt tells the Guardian about ending up in hospital after games, using a social networking site to start the club and why someone should join their club.

Maltby Netball Club

Maltby Netball Club

The Maltbees run open to all training sessions on Thursdays, from 7pm to 8pm at Maltby Leisure Centre, at a cost of £4 per person.

Name: Leah Carratt.

Age: 29.

Job: Management Accountant for the NHS.

Sports Club: Maltby Netball Club, The Maltbees.

How long have you been involved? From the very beginning, March 2011.

What got you into the sport? It’s great fun and I always enjoyed it from my school days, so I suggested it on Facebook and it just started from there.

Who are your sporting heroes? Michael Johnson, he was a great sportsman back in the day.

Proudest moment in sport? When we drew a game in our first tournament, we lost 11 and drew one.

Most embarrassing moment? Smashing my fingers in twice and ending up at Accident and Emergency because I’m so clumsy when catching.

Who is the joker at your club? Definitely Sophie Gray.

Why should someone take up your sport? Because it’s a fun way to keep fit and it’s also a great way to meet new people.

What are your hopes for this year/season? To progress over the season and get better and better and have lots of fun with it. I also hope that Sophie Gray sorts us out many social events, as she is our social secretary.