Dukeries girls shine at annual regional grades championship

Dukeries Academy
Dukeries Academy

Gymnasts from Dukeries Academy shone, as they took on the area’s best at the annual regional championships.

Eight youngsters travelled to Leicester, with gymnasts from across the East Midlands taking part in the British National Development Programme.

Thirteen-year-old Charlotte Odams took 10th in grade seven, silver on the vault and only missed out on a distinction due to a fall.

Coach Naomi Johnson lauded the teenager: “Charlotte is our highest level competitor and is an outstanding role model for the others girls.”

Jodie Ferrol, also 13, followed up with stunning routines on all four pieces, winning gold on the floor and vault in the grade 10 section.

Sisters Isobel Lin, 9, and Jasmine Lin, 10, passed Grade 12 with great performances, especially on the uneven bars.

Jasmine’ s coach Martyn Malbon added: “I’m extremely proud of her.”

Isobel, the youngest competitor of the day, is coached by Madelaine Richardson and has high hopes in the level four championships at the end of the year.

Four girls, Eleanor Brammer, 12, Sara Smith, 11, Sydney Stratford, 11, and Libby Maguire, 10 started on vault with Eleanor Brammer taking gold.

Libby took gold on the beam and silver on the floor for third place and a distinction, with bronze going to Eleanor on the beam as she became 2013 grade 11 champion.

Sydney Stratford finished seventh and Sara Smith ninth, passing their grades with flying colours.

Naomi added: “It was our most successful grades competition, our girls shone in all their performances and are a credited to Dukeries Academy.”