Chelsey in top 10

WE start with massive congratulations from Neil Nicolson, the Worksop cadet squad, ourselves and our readership to junior Chelsey Jeffcoate.

The youngster fished in the Ladies National on 9th June at Holly Farm in Leicestershire and came a fantastic ninth out of 47 anglers – the top ladies in the country.

She did herself, her parents and Worksop proud.

There is also historic news from the Worksop and District AA, at the association’s AGM , that the members voted in favour of individual members books being sold over the counter at local tackle dealers for the first time ever.

These are going to be available for sale in the all the local shops, with the costs as follows: Adult £20, OAP £10, Juniors £5.

Staying with the Association, the annual senior citizens match is being held at Hallcroft on Saturday 2 June 2012.

At the time of writing there are still places available.

For anyone interested entry is via through club secretaries or Derek Brown (01909 486350).

The cost is £10 inclusive, of which £6 will be paid back in prize money, with the draw taking place at 9.30am and of course there will be the usual meal and raffle after the match.

This Saturday see the opening of the traditional ‘proper’ season, with the area’s rivers open again for sport.

May we wish everyone hitting the banks tight lines and please get in touch with your catch reports and photos.

The Worksop cadets have fished three practice sessions recently.

The first was the sponsored fish at the Lindholme lakes on the 5th May where Mathew Fores–Donnelly took the top weight with 20lb 10oz, Luke Harrison managed 20lb 5oz and Jake Hodgkiss took 14lb 5oz.

The next was at Sherwood Forest on the Maunside with the in form Fores-Donnelly netting 14lb 4oz, Hodgkiss 12lb 12oz and Elliot Morris a level 9lb.

The last match was fished at Lindholme where Fores-Donelly completed a hat-trick with 10lb 4oz, Ben Fry weighing 9lb 10oz and Hodgkiss 9lb 11oz


THE members of British Gas AC fished their latest match last Thursday at Lodge Farm on the Field Pond: Mel Kirton peg 7 73lb 01oz pellet feeder/pellet as hookbait, carp, short pole caster/bream; Steve Sutton peg 12 70lb 07oz feeder/pellet/carp to 8lb; =3 Ronnie Wynne peg 4 59lb 07oz feeder/bubble/pellet all carp; =3 Andy Hill peg 6 59lb 07oz pole/pellet/all up in the water/carp.

Ryton AC’s latest match was fished at Lindholme Lakes on the Bonsi Pool where the going was very slow: Neil Nicolson 32lb 3oz;Shane Moore 29lb;Dave Kirk 17lb 7oz.

There are two matches to report on from the Tuesday Club,the first was at Wetlands: Brod Perkins 33lb 5oz peg 33 bomb and pellet; Keith Walters 30lb 9oz peg 12 pole and meat; Sid Whitehouse 28lb 9oz peg 28 pole fished meat or pellet, including a pike of 15lb 9oz.

Their next match took place at Bank End: Keith Walters 145lb 7oz peg 6 pole and pellet; Billy Richardson 123lb 13oz peg 12 pole and pellet; Andy Hill 99lb 12oz peg 22 pole and pellet.

The Grafton AA held their latest match at the Little John fisheries on the Robin Hood pool:Ian Topham 62lb peg 4 pole and pellet; Simon Short 48lb peg 3 pellet feeder; Steve Ordidge 32lb peg 1 pole and pellet.

Dinnington Welfare AC held a recent match at Hayfield on Danny’s lake where all the main frame fished bomb and pellet: Jimmy Allsop 80lb 2oz peg 45; Mick Donnelly 70lb peg 52; Nathan Donnely 31lb 7oz peg 47.


STARTING at Riverside in Tuesday’s open: Keith Noble 20lb 3oz peg 24 pole and pellet; Pete Ware 14lb 13oz peg 14 pole and pellet.

Wednesday’s match: John Bleakley 58lb peg 35 feeder; Mick Hall 24lb 2oz peg 32 pole and pellet.

Friday: Dave Evans 47lb 8oz peg 36 feeder; John Bleakly 20lb 11oz peg 34 feeder and meat.

Saturday: Dave Evans 31lb 9oz peg 43 pellet feeder; Terry Pixley 26lb 12oz peg 4 pole and pellet.

At Lodge Farm the venue record was broken on the field pond with Wayne Ibbertson landing exactly 100 fish for 239lb 11oz on peg 37 pole fished pellet.

Tuesday’s open was on the field: Shane Blake 94lb 2oz peg 29 pole and pellet; Dave Evans 80lb 6oz peg 33 pole and corn.

Wednesday’s vetereans was held on the top pond: Mel Kirton 46lb 8oz peg 16 pellet waggler; Mick Simpson peg 34 39lb 13oz pellet feeder.

Thursday’s match was on the signal pond: Shane Blake 93lb 6oz peg 5 pole and pellet; Steve Nemass 86lb 12oz peg 9 method feeder.