Cameron Kennedy’s colossal carp catch

This week we feature yet another local junior, Cameron Kennedy with one of his prize catches, a specimen Mirror Carp (pictured).

There’s no wonder we boast some of the best junior anglers in the country.

Keep at it Cameron, there’s even bigger to be had.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tue Open, Sherwood: 1st D Round, Woodhouse Angling, peg 57, 114-14-0.

Dave fished pole, alternating between caster and worm in the margins for Ide, Skimmers and Carp. 2nd J Holmes, peg 40, 71-11-0; 3rd S Richards, peg 61, 54-7-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale: 1st D Staley, Subfish, peg 39, 126-2-0. Daz opted for pole paste at 12m, later turning to the margins to bag up on Carp to 10lb. 2nd M Langton, peg 21, 122-3-0; 3rd C Brazier, peg 14, 117-5-0.

Sun Pm Open, Holmedale: 1st D Hiley, peg 14, 119-10-0. Pole pellet at 12m and maggot in the margins proved the winning combination for Dave, who managed 18 Carp to 10lb. 2nd M Malia, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 17, 103-9-0; 3rd M Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 39, 99-4-0.

Lodge Farm Fisheries: Tue Open, Long Island: 1st A Favill, peg 97, 104-4-0, pole alternate pellet and caster for Carp, Ide and Bream; 2nd C Crosby, peg 78, 94-2-0; 3rd J Gunn, peg 100, 83-9-0.

Wed Over 50s, Signal Pond: 1st G Morris, peg 15, 110-6-0, pole paste for an all-Carp net; 2nd G Brookes, peg 14, 85-10-0; 3rd I Symonds, peg 11, 83-14-0.

Thu Open, Lily Pond: 1st R Law, peg 54, 89-11-0, pole pellet and meat for Carp and F1s; 2nd B Richards, peg 58, 79-1-0; 3rd G Brookes, peg 71, 48-14-0.

Thu Pm, Top Pond: 1st M Foy, peg 46, 42-2-0, pole pellet for Carp and Bream; 2nd L Harrison, peg 40, 34-10-0; 3rd D Brammer, peg 45, 24-11-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Veterans Costcutter, Bridge/Croft: 1st P Schoof, MAP Leegem, peg B8, 84-1-0; 2nd D Whiting, peg B11, 73-3-0; 3rd I Temple, peg B14, 59-7-0.

Tue PM Costcutter, Moat: 1st R Teigh, peg 56, 120-3-0; 2nd S Robbins, Leegem, peg 38, 97-9-0; 3rd P Schoof, Leegem, peg 73, 84-7-0.

Thu Veterans Open, Bridge/Croft: 1st J Hobson, peg B13, 68-10-0; 2nd D Speight, peg B20, 68-1-0; 3rd D Sewell, peg C3, 59-6-0.

Fri Pm Open, Moat: 1st K Baxter, peg 2, 105-1-0; 2nd P Miles, peg 19, 78-14-0; 3rd P Schoof, Leegem, peg 64, 59-11-0.

Sat Open, Bridge: 1st D Dare, Marukyu, peg 23, 103-14-0; 2nd D Stables, peg 55, 87-7-0; 3rd S Clark, peg 9, 87-2-0.

Sun Open, Moat: 1st M Watson, Leegem, peg 6, 94-15-0; 2nd G Mumby, Frenzee, peg 55, 93-9-0; 3rd N Vernon, peg 65, 89-5-0.


Hodthorpe AC: Lodge Farm, Signal Pond: 1st Roy Butterfield, 99-10-0; 2nd Mick Burrell, 60-13-0; 3rd Simon Hadfield, 51-11-0.

Worksop United: Lodge Farm, Long Island: 1st P Martin, peg 79, 104-6-0, chopped worm and caster for Skimmers; 2nd M Rushton, peg 88, 79-12-0, pole and bomb for Carp; 3rd K Morris, peg 92, 67-11-0, pellet Carp.

British Gas AC: Lodge Farm, Field Pond: 1st Bill Corbett, peg 2, 105-13-0, pellet feeder for Carp; 2nd Mel Kirton, peg 13, 95-13-0, pellet feeder; 3rd Ron Winn, peg 4, 75-10-0, pole pellet.

Kilton Inn AC: Sun 25th May, Woodhouse Grange: 1st Brian Pool, peg 34, 28-12-0; 2nd Malc Lodge, peg 36, 21-10-0; 3rd Toby Draper, peg 49, 21-0-0.

Sun 8th June, Grange Park: 1st John Brett, peg 2, 82-12-0, a great win for John who opted for sweetcorn in the margins to amass a superb winning weight; 2nd Brian Pool, peg 17, 65-6-0; 3rd Toby Draper, peg 10, 42-0-0.

Tuesday Club: Lakeside: 1st Steve Sutton, peg 17, 41-8-0, pellet feeder for Carp; 2nd Mick Pogson, peg 20, 32-10-0, pole pellet and meat for Silvers; 3rd Mick Simpson, peg 8, 32-8-0, pole and feeder with pellet for Silvers; 4th Andy Hill, peg 13, 26-11-0, pole pellet.


Toft Newton Reservoir: 109 rods caught 522 Trout for a rod average of 4.79.

Nymph and dry fly have proved effective with Sedge and Buzzer hatches now common-place.

Matt Nuttall went afloat and landed a specimen Rainbow of 10lb.

Regular Mr Elsdon landed a very special Brownie of around 5lb.

Some really good evening rises lately so worth investing in a £12 evening ticket.

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