Brown wins Open

DEREK Brown came out on top in the Worksop and District Angling Association’s Fundraiser Open match at Sandhill Lake last Thursday.

Results: 1st Derek Brown 18lbs 14oz peg 52, 2nd Steve Bassett 11lbs 15oz peg 55, 3rd Mick Pogson 9lbs 14oz peg 61.

WDAA Annual Bookholders Match, Sandhill Lake on 15th: 1st Steve Pogson 15lbs 12oz peg 57, 2nd Gerald Yates 11lbs 05oz peg 58, 3rd Mick Pogson 5lbs 06oz peg 61.

The Worksop juniors have also been busy fishing their latest match at BW Kiveton Waters: 1st Shane Seeley 49lb 2oz, 2nd Joe Cottrill 37lb 13oz, 3rd Danney Richardson 27lb 12oz.

All anglers caught a good weight of fish and the venue fished well.

Thanks to wayne and Collette at the fishery for their hospitality.

Team coach Neil Nicolson added: “We are looking for new members to join the club.”

“Anyone interested aged between 14 and 17 please contact me on 07901 795209. “

“We are also looking for anyone who would like to help with sponsorship.”

If anyone is interested contact Neil or you can email us at the address at the top of the column.

Derek Brown of the Worksop and District DAA has asked us to remind all members that the executive committee meeting is to be held on Thursday 27th Sepember and the general committee meeting (club secretaries/club delegates) on Thursday 4th October.

Both meetings will be held at the Manton Sports and Athletic Club starting at 7.15pm.


THERE are two matches to report on from the Kilton Inn AC.

The first took place at West Woodside fishery on 2nd September: 1st Malc Lodge 69lb 10oz, 2nd Graham Boddice 26lb 3oz, 3rd Phil Wesley 14lb 1oz.

The next event was fished at Lodge Farm on 16th September: 1st Tony Draper 89lb 10oz, 2nd Graham Boddice 46lb 11oz, 3rd Brian Pool 31lb 3oz.

The members of St. Joeseph’s AC fished their penultimate match of the season on the bottom lake at Kiveton Hall last Saturday: 1st Roger Stocks peg 61 24lb 1oz pole fished worm and caster, 2nd Bonny Betteridge peg 65 21lb 4oz pole and paste, 3rd Ray Hancliffe peg 69 20lb 2oz pole fished maggot to the island.

The members of Ryton AC fished the high school length of the Chesterfeild canal: 1st Billy Dawes 6lb 7oz, 2nd Rob Gardner 5lb 14oz, 3rd Neil Nicolson 5lb 4oz.

On the Whitwell clearwater last Sunday: 1st Trev Mclaughlin 81lb 5oz peg 11 worm and pellet in the margins, 2nd Kevin Moran peg 14 55lb 6 oz also using worm and pellet in the margins, 3rd Kevin Askern 30lb 4 oz peg 7 using corn and paste at eight metres.

The Station Hotel Angling Club Shireoaks fished their ninth Summer League match at Mill Dam Fishery, New Pond on Saturday 1st.

On a warm and sunny day, with just about perfect conditions on this small fishery, everyone caught well.

The lowest weight was 41lb: 1st Lee Davie 145lbs 07oz short pole/maggot/carp, 2nd Andy Redfern 121lbs 02oz short pole & pellet feeder/maggot & pellet/carp, 3rd Tom Davie 99lbs 13oz short pole/maggot/carp.

The Dinnington Welfare AC visited Bonnie Hayle on the Stainforth and Keadby canal: 1st Mick Jones 2lb 1oz peg35, 2nd Jimmy Allsop 1lb 9oz peg 30, 3rd Mick Donnelly 13oz peg 33.

Worksop United’s latest match was at Candycorners on AJ’s Lake: 1st C Rushton 115lb 10oz peg 8 carp on pole fished pellet, 2nd B. Perkins 82lb peg 21 carp on pole fished pellet, 3rd R. Allen 55lb 6oz peg 23 carp on pole fished meat.

The Tuesday Club fished their last two matches of their summer series.

The first was on the field pond at Lodge Farm: 1st Ian Mellish 74lb 14oz peg 4, 2nd Andy Hill 73lb 9oz peg 30, 3rd Gavin Tomlinson 70lb 1oz peg 37.

The second was competed at Bank End: 1st Keith Walters 102lb 9oz peg 14 bubble float, 2nd Billy Richardson 89lb 5oz peg 23.


STARTING at Lodge Farm, Tuesday’s open was fished on the Lily Pond where pole and pellet was the method of choice for the top two: 1st Roger Edmund 127lb 13oz peg 49, 2nd Shaun Sheldon 97lb 7oz peg 66.

Wednesday’s over 50s was on the field pond: 1st Garry Morris 126lb 9oz peg 8 paste, 2nd Les Richmond 108lb 6oz peg 32.

Thursday’s contest was on the signal: 1st Garry Brookes 108lb 14oz peg 12 pole and pellet, 2nd Wayne Ibbertson 99lb 13oz peg 3.

Down the road at Lakeside, Wednesday’s open saw Bob Poole claim victory with 49lb 11oz of silvers taken on pole fished worm and caster from peg 33.

Mark Sampson won in a club match on Saturday with 65lb 4oz tempted on pole and pellet from peg 8.

On the carp lake Jason Garnon landed eight specimens from peg 4 using cell boilies whist over on the trout lake Scott Marsden landed 11 fish to 8lb on his his segmented bloodworm, cast on a sinking line.

At Riverside, in Tuesday’s open: 1st Mark caudell 83lb 2oz peg 32 pole and meat, 2nd Terry Pixley 49lb 15oz peg 43 pole and meat.

Wednesday’s contest: 1st Pete Ware 49lb 14oz peg 23 pole and pellet, 2nd Keith Noble 49lb 1oz peg 36 pole and pellet.

Friday’s competition: 1st Garry Morris 66lb 10oz peg 8 pole and pellet, 2nd Mark Caudell 52lb 13oz peg 34 pole and meat.

Saturday’s open match: 1st Gavin Tomlinson 60lb 13oz peg 8 pellet waggler, 2nd Terry Pixley 39lb 12oz peg 45 feeder and meat.