Academy students graduate to new belts after Lynx gradings

Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy students
Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy students

A number of Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy students have been promoted to new belts, after gradings with chief instructor Andrew Blinston.

Graduations took place at the full-time martial arts academy on Exchange Street, Retford.

Students who attend regular training sessions and are on track to graduate are put forward to take graduation by Master Blinston.

The students display a variety of martial arts disciplines for their correct level of training, focusing on the Korean martial arts of one step sparring, controlled sparring, individual patterns and breaking techniques.

White Belt (orange stripe): Himash Fonseka, Jasmine Stubbs, Michael Spencer, Conner Spencer, Darcy Griffiths; White Belt (purple stripe): Todd Carline, Caydem Hazlett, Melanie Frost, Morgan Catley, Richard Catley, Mark Chilvers, Oliver Chilvers, Joshua Chilvers, Ben Chilvers, Aleksandra Macioszek, Richard Furius; White Belt (yellow stripe): Donna Barker, Ella Barker, Colm Humphreys; Yellow Belt: Lyla Creamer, Sam Yates, Sophie Yates, Tamara Childs; Yellow Belt (green stripe): Ria Tyson, Oliver Stokes, Max Denovan, Iona Mitchell, Jack Roberts, Emma Roberts; Green Belt: Ben Fosher, Robert Martin, Robert Macioszek, Neil Newell; Green Belt (blue stripe): Bart Hoga, Paul Oakes, James Oakes; Blue Belt: Andrea Hind, Shelley Harding, Jesse Robinson; Red Belt: Kristian Macioszek,; Red Belt (black stripe): Chloe Fogg, Daniel Pratt – mid term, Sally-Ann Sanderson – mid term; Black Belt (midterm): Sylvia Brown, Stuart Davies, Harvey Elliott, Hannah Downs, Rhio Blinston, Millicent Morgan, Tom Norton and Rhys Garton.