WISE OWL - Is Sheffield Wednesday done with its summer signings?

WITH several pre-season friendlies gone our team should be shaping up for the start of the season.

But with so many injuries and a shortage of players Gary Megson can’t be any closer to knowing who his starting eleven is.

There are so many conflicting reports come from the S6 club that it’s difficult to know what to believe and who will be pulling on the blue and white shirt come 6th August.

I’ve heard that Megson still has four players on his shopping list - two strikers, a wide-man and a centre-half.

If that’s true then time is ticking away and he needs to get a move on. Surely he will want the players to play at least one pre-season match before the opener against Rochdale.

Some of the names thought to be on Megson’s shopping list are Huddersfield winger Gary Roberts, Rochdale striker Chris O’Grady - who the Owls have already had a bid rejected for, and Irish striker Padraig Amond who is currently on loan with Wednesday.

The problem is probably persuading players to come to Sheffield Wednesday.

Although we are a huge club in terms of our set-up, the reality is that we’re a League One club.

We want Championship players so we can challenge for promotion - but will they be willing to drop down a league for at least a season?

And League One clubs are also going to be unwilling to give up their best players.

But then I’ve also heard that Megson says his squad is all about “quality and not quantity” and that as long as he has a strong starting eleven then that’s all that matters.

Does that mean that Megson is a happy with what he has?

Milan Mandaric is a businessman first and foremost and won’t be willing to pay over the odds for players.

So maybe it will take a little longer for our dreams to become a reality. Surely we would all rather have a well-run club, rather than one that splashes cash and could face administration again?

Then again, maybe Mandaric isn’t willing to invest at all, despite what has been said. Afterall, our summer signings - Rob Jones, David Prutton, Jose Semedo and Julian Bennett - have all been free transfers.

I guess it’s a case of watch this space.

Up the Owls,

Wise Owl