Under-15s clinch first home win

GAINSBOROUGH Trinity Under-15s won 3-0 in their first home game of the season.

From the first whistle they looked brighter than Wrawby Rovers, and 10 minutes in took the lead.

Sklpper Mark Raisborough played an excellent through ball to Aaron Dixey, who clinically placed his strike in the far corner and gave Trinity a well deserved lead going into the second half.

Wrawby started the second half attacking Trinity’s back three, but could just not manage to break them down, with Thomas Clarke, Cieron Jenkins and Sean Potts excellent throughout.

Raisborough smashed a half volley from 25 yards straight into the back of Wrawbys net, for 2-0, and a cross from Aaron Dixey to Corey Drummond saw the striker make no mistake.

The Trinity youngsters, sponsored by Fosco On-Site Services, held on for a clean sheet and three points.