Musing Miller: Logan nets three points for Rotherham

IT isn’t often that a goalkeeper wins the match for his team but Conrad Logan bagged the three points for Rotherham United last weekend.

The Yorkshire derby didn’t end with the keeper scoring in bizarre fashion but it saw him save an injury time penalty moments before the game finished 3-2.

During the match there were no more than three penalties awarded and two of those were to Bradford in the added time at the end of the second half.

The Millers commanded most of the game and had what should have been a comfortable lead at the end of the 90 minutes.

However the following few minutes could have seen them throw away two points.

To give away two penalties in the injury time at the end of the match should not happen at any level of football.

The players showed a lack of discipline to give away two golden opportunities in a game that they had effectively already won.

However, at the end of the day winning is winning.

Even though it should have been easier than the final score line suggested, it is a result to be taken with open arms.

In a tense derby game it is better to win in an ugly manner than to not win at all.

The boost the players and fans will get from a result like this will do wonders for their confidence.

Winning a game like this can often give them the belief they can go on and win many more matches whereas losing it in the style that Bradford did would have been disastrous for the Millers.

Despite having a period where they did not win in 10 games out of the 18 played, more than half the season, they are still in a healthy position.

Sitting in 11th in the league only three points away from the play-offs it is still a realistic ambition for the team to make it into the top seven before the season is over.

A string of good results after Christmas and they’ll have a very good chance of making a play-off appearance and reaching the potential before moving into the new stadium at the end of the year.