Blues Club to tell their side of Northolme story

Owners of the Northolme football ground, the Blues Club, are planning to tell their side of the potential ground sale story, in a statement tomorrow.

Spokesman Matt Lyner, speaking to the Standard after last night’s monthly committee meeting, said the club was to break with tradition.

“I know I’ve said in the past we don’t do statements, but I think we need to tell our side of the story.”

“We’re going to issue a press release tomorrow,” he said.

Lyner revealed the Blues Club had expected to discus an offer for the ground from Gainsborough Trinity owner Peter Swann, at Thursday’s meeting.

But the football chairman has insisted this week that he is walking away from negotiations, and Trinity – something he had hinted at earlier in the year before stating he would stay if he was able to purchase the Northolme.

He said: “I came back to the table to try and get the ground for the football club under the premise I still may leave, but hoped I might be able to stay if we secured it quick enough or got an agreement.”

“I asked for a meeting, which could not be arranged and was asked to put yet another offer to the BC, rather than have a meeting.”

“I will be leaving the club as stated on previous posts and Saturday will be my last home game in charge at the Northolme.”