WORKSOP: Will steel trees be the future?

A picture in last week’s Guardian of the chairman of Notts County Council, Councillor S. Fielding, how should I describe it, planting, unveiling, or dedicating a steel tree in front of the new bus station in Worksop.

I ask, is this going to be the norm now that any planning application is given the go ahead by both Notts County Council (NCC) and Bassetlaw District Council (BDC) that it involves the destruction of mature trees?

I feel nobody from NCC, and councillors included, has given the residents of Worksop an explanation as to why the mature trees at the junction of Blyth Road and Carlton Road were felled and which nameless councillor or bureaucrat gave the order for this to be carried out.

But what do the councillors or unelected bureaucrats care about trees if steel trees are going to be their replacements?

A planning application has been given the go-ahead in Shireoaks by BDC To build a new nursing home. The parish council along with five other local residents, wrote into the BDC planning department but were not given a hearing at any planning committee.

Now a planning application has gone in to BDC on the same site to remove mature trees, one at least 200 years old, and an old beech tree roughly the same age at the front of the property to be severely cut back because it is restricting the view from the access to the new proposed development.

So what will the future be for Bassetlaw regarding mature trees? It looks like the attitude of both councillors and unelected bureaucrats is fell them and be dammed.

Steel trees are the future no matter if the decisions are made by those who don’t realise what wanton destruction they are causing in Bassetlaw.

Ivor Jones

Shireoaks Road,