WORKSOP: Use the bins or take it home

I am writing to the Worksop Guardian to point out the ever growing litter problem in and around Worksop.

People are just discarding their litter anywhere and everywhere and think it is okay to do so. Everywhere you look there are discarded plastic bottles, cans, cigarette packets and fast-food wrappings.

Many times I have seen rubbish thrown from cars, especially McDonald’s wrappings and drink cartons, and children throwing sweet wrappers down when their parents are present, who do nothing to stop it.

Who are these morons and do they not realise the damage they do to the environment and wildlife, not to mention the unsightly mess, which spoils normal people’s enjoyment of the town and countryside? Do they want to live in squalor?

Plenty of litter bins are provided, so there is no excuse. Do these people throw their rubbish on the floor at home, I wonder.?

Perhaps the council could post warnings around town and then implement some hefty fines on the offenders. These idiots need prosecuting.

There are many places in town where there is a much bigger problem, especially on Gateford Road and in and around the old Oates’ Woodyward, which looks like the council tip when the foliage isn’t hiding it. I know it is not the owner of the land that caused the problem, but it is surely their responsibility to clean it up. It is much the same on the other side of the railway bridge on land belonging to the railway. Can the owners be made to clean it up?

It may be a good idea to make homeowners, tenants and businesses responsible for keeping clean the area outside their own premises and implement fines to those who do not comply.

Something must be done, otherwise we will be knee deep in rubbish and have rats running everywhere.

Please use the litter bins or take your rubbish home.

How about this for a project for our MP, John Mann to take up with the council and government?