WORKSOP: The true cost of being in the EU

After the events in Greece recently, it is clear we cannot afford the EU anymore.

In a way, the EU has ‘maxed’ out our credit card.

People need to realise the EU is not only a political union, it is also a debt union.

Members must pay and pay through the nose for being a member.

In 2013, according to the Office of National Statistics, the UK contribution to the EU was £17 billion. What could we afford in the UK in terms of hospitals and schools for this type of money?

In my opinion our Prime Minister broke his promise on giving us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and crowed about slightly decreasing the EU budget in 2014, yet this was immediately followed by an increase in the UK contribution. And then the EU demanded an additional £1.7bn just to rub the salt in.

He said we would NOT have to fork out another penny to bail out the countries impoverished by Euro membership, yet now we have to pay another one billion Euros to bail out Greece AGAIN. This madness has to stop.

Roger Helmer

UKIP MEP for the East