WORKSOP: Parking fines, this will not attract visitors to our town

On Tuesday I parked in Lead Hill car park. On getting out of my vehicle to purchase a parking ticket, another motoristcame up to me in a very angry manner. I thought he was falling out with me.

When the gentlemen calmed down, it turned out it was do with a parking fine which had been served on him. The time was 12.17 pm, the gentleman showed me his parking ticket was valid until 12.17pm. Remember he had walked towards me so he was back at His car well before the ticket expired.

I left the gentleman still irate at what had happened. I was not long in town and when I returned I found the gentleman on the phone to whoever you have to ring regarding the fine. We began a conversation and he showed me the fine.

This gentleman was a visitor to the town and he was disgusted at what had happened. He then showed me a section of the letter where it stated the car was observed from 11.51 to 11.57, this was 20 minutes before his ticket ran out.

The other thing I forgot to mention, was that there was no traffic warden anywhere in the car park when I arrived. I also looked to see if a warden was in the other part of Lead Hill car park, as people know there are two. Nowhere in sight.

The moral of this letter is, check everything.

Also it does not go well for a town wanting to attract people to come and shop when things like this happen. It is going to cost this gentleman money in any case as he had to ring the people in charge and was also told to forward everything to Nottingham to prove his case, when he has not done anything wrong.

Derek Bowskill

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