Work or your dole stops!

Each week I look through the Worksop Guardian and it seems on every page there is a story about Worksop’s low-life up to no good.

Bikes being stolen, vandalism, muggings you name it, it’s all there. It’s about time something was done to get this scum off our streets and out earning a living like the rest of us!

These ‘people’ have got too much time on their hands. Each night as I finish work I walk past the pubs and sat outside, happy as Larry are the dregs drinking like they haven’t a care in the world, and let’s face it, they haven’t!

None of them work and don’t want to, and it’s those that should be given the option Work Or Your Dole Stops!

There are people out there who are on the dole and are actively looking for work I agree, but for those who don’t want to and have no intentions of doing, we should be giving them the option of working at one of the many factories that are employing too many foreigners and telling our lads (and lasses) if you don’t take it we will stop your money.

As for the kids who are causing the trouble (their kids probably), then they should be giving them a curfew and fining the parents.

I have stopped my children from going to the Canch alone now as I have seen first hand the trouble-causers who loiter around there.

No sign of half of the parents of these yobs on bikes, there probably in the pub! What I want to know is, how can they afford to spend all their time drinking when I work and I’m lucky to afford a night out once a month let alone every day!

I suppose that is because they sell the gear they nick and get help with all their household bills unlike us workers. I agree with Mr Mann, instead of nannying about, take their rented houses off of them when they come up before the courts, there are plenty of people out their who would love a roof over their head.