Trying to trace Edward Clark

I am looking for help in finding any newspaper records of Edward Moody Clark from Allen Street, Worksop. He was born in 1919 and married in 1938.

Worked as a Hide Ceasser (do you know what that was?). In 1939 he joined the Territorial Army and enlisted to National Service and was promoted to Lance Sgt throughout his service. He was killed in action 12th February 1944 serving on board of SS Khedive Ismail, a steamship which sunk with great loss of some 1,297 people.

Surely the Worksop Guardian must have reported on this great tragedy?

Edwards name is on the memorial in Worksop. However, I have searched the library and constantly asked and begged for help to find any recognition of this brave Worksop lad, like so many brave soldiers, he died leaving ageing sick parents, a young wife and two babies.

Worksop is the heart of my family history and has been for many generations. My father once being President of the Chamber of Trade. Despite being spread around the country, our roots are firmly grounded in Worksop where we frequently return.

Therefore, I would be most grateful if your readers could give me any information or help or advice in this matter. I can be contacted via email at:

Bruce Clark

Newsome, Huddersfield