The real truth of food banks

Some are sceptical about food banks and if they are what they say they are. I decided to look at what they actually do and how they operate and how people are sent to food banks.

The system is all worked round the Trussell Trust and how people are put to a food bank . The people are forwarded from different organisations or groups from all walks of life with different circumstances. They are given vouchers which entitle them to food but that is not just it they are also helped with the situation they have found themselves in.

People should go on the Trussel Trust website it opened my eyes to the wide scope who are suffering from a soldier who fought in Afghanistan who suffered with post traumatic stress and fell through the net to a student at college who was working to pay for her college education and lost her job with no family to help her. There are others but this highlights that when people say food bank they think straight away of people on benefits. Benefits fuel poverty, low wages, people struggling with everyday cost are the biggest number of people who have to turn to food banks from just over 60,000 in 2010/11 to over 300,000 in 2012/13. Also at the moment there is on average three food banks opening a week even in affluent areas of the country.

So I say to these people at the top get out there listen to the people on the frontline who have to deal with these people and see what damage is being done in the society. People at the bottom are struggling to just live but it is affecting all walks of life and supposedly in a rich country they are not feeling the riches by no means. Just to put it into reality we see a MP claim for three pence worth of petrol someone on £60,000 excuse his office did it but he must have given the information for them to put it in and these as stated are the same who are condemning others to poverty they do not go into poverty they cannot help it if they have not got the money like some.

Derek Bowskill