Security that never was

Dear Tesco Supporter,

I write in response to the Tesco Supporter that is not willing to give us local residents/readers his name.

I would just like to state for the record that I was a supporter of Tesco’s until this last year, Because of the criminality happening on and around their land which was and is part of the problems we were and are experiencing which in turn led to me and my next-door neighbour to have a one on one meeting with your great Tesco and their contractors, on the 17th September.

At that meeting the lack of site security was discussed because of what was happening on and around the site, we were promised site security with guard dogs from 6pm to 6am seven days a week this has never happened but if it had, I say that the criminal element would have been moved away from the area so this unfortunate woman’s attack may not have happened.

Also it would seem that you do not live close by, as you would know that Tesco shut down their site around the end of July and removed all cabins and security at that time, you really do need to get your facts right but why should you when you will not put your name to the incorrect off hand statements and un-factual ranting’s that you write, I on the other hand can prove the validity of what I say and write.


(by email)