Reducing speed limit wont work

Concerning the Reduction of a speed limit proposed by Notts County Council involving Blyth Road, Farmers Branch and Kilton Hill.

The council are proposing to reduce the speed limit on these roads from 40mph to 30mph at a cost of £20,000. And they say it will improve safety.

In this day and age of cut backs and the appalling state of the roads in the area I think the council are looking to spend money on so-called safety issues when in fact it is a dogma of increasing the 30mph sprawl.

There are plenty of pot holes on Hundred Acre Lane and Plantation Hill to name a few.

The A60 between Carlton and Langold is in a poor condition with debris in the road and the illuminated bollards are so dirty they are in actual fact illegal.

The 40mph speed limit as is now has been in place for some years and it works.

If the limit is reduced there will be a higher degree of traffic “bunching”

At peak times drivers will find it more difficult to exit from Larwood and from Farmers Branch on to Blyth Road and there will be tail backs.

Subsequently drivers will get more frustrated and that will lead to a greater amount of accidents.

Traffic bunching is often caused by drivers keeping well below the speed limit and bunching traffic behind them.

We know this a fact because at peak times on the A60 it can be difficult to exit from Church Street, Lawn Road and Rotherham Baulk.

Drivers also get frustrated at 30mph when the road is not built up.

There is also a major problem in Nottinghamshire concerning central reservations. For years the council have constructed these reservations, and lined markings go straight up to the reservations, when in fact they should be offset by 300mm or a foot. It would take millions of pounds to rectify this in the county.

The central reservations on Retford 
Road, Blyth have been marked properly but the council are up to their old tricks looking at the recent one done in Oldcotes.

If they want to improve safety then they should mark the road as is advised by the Highways manual.

Objections should be sent to Freepost RSAR-CJLK-HSXB, URS, 12 Regan Way, Chetwynd Business Park, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 6RZ. Quoting ref 1163 before January 31st.

Fred Pickersgill