Readers Letter: Stop trying to score points!

We see in last week’s letters one person talking of the Human Rights Act, blaming people and saying UKIP are the only ones as he says ‘Are putting the British people’s interests forward.’

I think he should look at UKIPs manifesto for the last election before he says they are looking after us, especially on taxes. Human rights are things that people have fought for! Go and live in a country were human rights do not exist as such!

I then go onto the issue of pupils wearing charity badges at Outwood Academy Portland. These badges are not political or in anyway derogatory, they are worn by the wider community to show their support for the work of the charities. Go down any high street and people of all ages wear them. When I was at school which was many years ago, kids wore all sorts of badges and nobody bothered.

These kids who are wearing these badges do so with pride because they have been affected in some way or other in there lives! These kids have thoughts on issues which through life affects most families and we should be proud of them.

I understand there has to be some cut off with what is shown but sensible and reasonable rules in this case as it shows that kids are aware of the things happening in the wider world and wearing a badge is one way of showing this as well as raising funds for the charities.

This is the system gone mad when a school threatens exclusion for wearing a badge. These people should get in the real world! As I have put in the first part of my letter, they are trying to score political points but look what is happening on your doorstep. These kids are not doing anything but showing their feelings and our education system is in fact breaching their rights!

I support this wholeheartedly as I have lost family and friends to cancer. The school should get their heads out of the sand and respect them not condemn them, this is all part of growing up!

Derek Bowskill