Readers Letter:

Any motorist who has had the misfortune to collect a parking ticket will know the routine. If you pay within 14 days - £25, most people pay up rather than face the hassle.

This is followed by £50 then; NOTE: If you do not pay the penalty charge or make representations before the end of the 28 day period specified above the council may increase the original penalty charge by 50% to £75 and take steps to enforce payment. By this they mean the courts with costs and the bailiffs.

This is from a letter sent to me by Bassetlaw Council and Notts Parking Partnership. This translates as threatening, intimidation and legalised blackmail. Photographic evidence from myself and their own agent proving that I had purchased a valid parking ticket cut no ice with these people, they still insisted with their £50 demand. Intervention by John Mann’s office and an independent adjudicator put a stop to their nonsense.

It has been obvious for many years that the Government and councils throughout the country are using motorists as cash cows. The idea of car parks are to attract motorists into places to spend their money but many of our elected representatives have yet to grasp this concept. And who elects them? We do! Dearie Dearie Me!

Fred Foster

(via email)