Reader’s Letters: Traffic calming is an improvement

Speed bumps on Sandy Lane, Hindley
Speed bumps on Sandy Lane, Hindley

There is little doubt that the traffic calming at the bottom of Sitwell Road is a vast improvement on previous ideas.

The combination of speed bump and pedestrian crossing makes good sense.

What is needed now is a rumble zone at the approach to warn motorists that they are nearing a danger zone. Those orange lollipops invented by Lord Belisha are well past their time and should be replaced by red and green lights, although they are a wonderful part of the English scene it’s time they went to the museum.

Another place that is begging for the same improvement is the crossing at the junction of Kilton Glade and Kilton Hill where school children cross, a central refuge would be helpful there before there is a fatality.

The lollipop lady at that particular junction risks her life daily although I must admit that some of the drivers in Worksop are some of the most courteous I have ever seen.

Fred Foster

(via email)