Reader’s Letter: Truth about Coalition

Kay Cutts
Kay Cutts

The Labour administration at County Hall persists in seeking to create the false impression that Nottinghamshire County Council receives an unfair level of funding from the Coalition Government.

Therefore, I shall persist in telling the truth.

Nottinghamshire’s spending power for 2014-15 is greater than 17 other shire councils and less than only nine. In other words, it is well above the shire average. It is greater than neighbouring councils Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.

The so-called ‘Fair Deal for Nottinghamshire’ campaign is a political ruse, designed to excuse the fact that Labour Councillors voted for the maximum council tax increase they were permitted without triggering a public referendum.

The previous Conservative administration at County Hall froze council tax for four years and last month we provided a fully-costed alternative budget which would have continued this freeze until at least 2016.

Other councils have frozen tax and received extra funds from the Government for doing so. It is entirely due to the choices made by Labour Councillors that Nottinghamshire residents will pay more county council tax this year.

Councillor Kay Cutts

(via email)