Reader’s Letter: Tribute to Len

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I’m very sad to say that one of the Tigers’ longest serving supporters(my grandad Len Butterfield) died on 1st May.

I know that most of you won’t know him as he was a quiet man, but he loved watching Worksop and did so for nearly 60 years. He persuaded my dad to go with him before I was born and to this day my dad still goes.

Then, when I was just three years old, I was taken to my first Tigers game and over 40 years later, I still go to the games. Finally,I have passed on this great family tradition to my 13 year old son and seven year old daughter and hopefully both of them will continue to watch for many years to come.

I know he really enjoyed this season as it was so entertaining and the players really worked hard for the team and he was so pleased to be able to attend one last game just a few weeks ago as he battled against his illness.

To me, this all shows what a local football club can mean to the community and to whole generations of a family.

So, from a family with over 150 years supporting the Tigers, I thank Worksop Town and my wonderful grandad, Len Butterfield.

S. Rose