Reader’s Letter: The problems with shutting the court

Worksop Magistrates Court
Worksop Magistrates Court

Many people will never see the inside of a magistrates court but this is part of the British justice system which is being slowly dismantled by the government. We see these cuts alongside the reduction in police numbers, the privatisation of the probation service and the change in legal aid. We see our justice system being cut in the rule of austerity but there is a point when the public suffers.

We see are police having to travel to Newark or Mansfield with offenders which will take them of there duties if they shut Worksop magistrates court more if they have to attend court. Can the council also confirm when they require court orders will they also have to go to Mansfield or Doncaster to get these.

People are of the opinion that when the police are stretched will they give offenders a slap on the wrist instead of having to take offenders to Mansfield, this maybe wrong to say but the public are realising the pressure police are under with no custody suite at Worksop police


I wish these people would get in the real world and think what the wider picture is and the way peoples lives are affected.

Derek Bowskill